Articles for the Month of November 2013

Which Son Are You?: Richard Williams

The application of Matthew 21:31-32 in our lives shows that we are the sons of God today. God wants us to do his will, to delight in his work (Ps 40:8). We are all called by God to do his work (2 Cor. 4:8). 1 Peter 2:9 calls us to proclaim Jesus to those around us. God will give you the opportunity if only you are willing to share Him. 1 Cor 15:58 is a promise that our labour is not in vain. If we plant the seed then the harvest will come, but if we are not working in the vineyard then there will be no harvest.
Question: Are you the son that says yes and never shows up in the field, or are you the sons that had some misgivings but went to work?

Prepare the way of the Lord: Pastor Lucian Poama

A look at the greatest prophet, John the Baptist and his method of preaching. John speaks out against greed as he fulfilled his mission of ‘preparing the way of the Lord’. If our priority is heaven then greed won’t be an issue. We will seek first the kingdom of God believing that all these things will be added.