Articles for the Month of December 2013

The Greatest Gift Giver: Lucian Poama

“God is not unwilling to grant that which is good for His earthborn children….” God has great gift in store for all of us. Gifts that we truly need….the gift of sight…the gift of hearing…the gift of breath, are wonderful gifts from a loving God. Listen to this podcast as Pastor Lucian shares with us the blessing that God has given, more than we ever ask for, including the Greatest Gift of All, His only Son.

Cornelious, a Just Man: Petar Djakov

One of the great turning point in the history of the Church. This is the first time a Gentile was becoming a part of the Church. The story of Cornelious shows that each of us is very precious to our Heavenly Father. He cares for and long to have a relationship with each of us.

Caleb, A Man Favoured by God: Ron Nelson

In this sermon Elder Ron Nelson, President of the ManSask. Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, reminded us that at a time when Israel had forgotten the covenant that God made with Abraham, Caleb stood up among the ten spies and showed courage and trust in God. The people of Israel confessed their sinfulness before God and demonstrated through their actions that their desire was for God and his will rather than the will and the way of the world.