Articles for the Month of March 2014

You Carry It…I’ll Die on It!: Lucian Poama

“Don’t complain that we have to carry our cross. We can complain the day we have to die upon it. But praise God that because Jesus died on it we never will have to. Yes, we must carry our cross but Jesus is the one who died upon it.” Listen to this encouraging message from Pastor Lucian Poama. And remember you may subscribe to our podcast¬†on itunes.

The Time is Near: Petar Djakov

Signs around us shows that we are living in the Time of the End. The Bible tells us that when we see these signs being fulfilled we should ‘look up, for our redemption draweth near’. Listen as Pastor Djakov shares encouraging words in light of the recent message sent by the Pope to protestant denominations. Included are comments from Pastor Doug Batchelor, AmazingFacts presenter.