Articles for the Month of May 2015

God the Mother: Josue Sanchez



In this Mother’s Day message Pastor Josue invites us to take a look a God not only as our Father but our Mother. Using ‘mom goggles’ we are able to see things as a mother would. So God also sees us and care for us as a Mother would.

Pep Talk for Kids, Exhortation to Mothers and Fathers: Various

photo of presenters


Three sermonettes with scriptural encouragement for children and parents – presented by a child and two parents. Listen as Grace Montgomery gives “Pep talk for Kids” where she covers the various distractions and challenges kids today have to deal with and to focus on whats right keeping their eyes on Christ. Jeny and Jonathon speaks to Mothers and Fathers about their responsibility in building godly characters in children and training them to be followers of Christ.