A New Earth: Seth Dixon

People think that they have the solution to the world’s problems. But unless they turn to God, there is no solution to this.

Pride is making spiritually decline in the church of God.

It’s time that the church removes the pride and gets ready for the coming of the Lord.

There are angels who direct your mind to the Bible when you need a word of encouragement.

When Jesus comes, the great men, the slaves will all tremble at the presence of the power and glory at the coming of heaven.

No matter how great you are on this earth, there is somebody that is greater than you. And that should always keep us humble.

We should always walk with the reminder that there’s someone greater than me and that is God.

For God there is no race, no social status, no profession, there is nothing. We are all creatures of God. He died for every one of us.

Don’t you want to go to heaven? How can we want to stay here?

Strive for heaven.

What really matters was not what you have or didn’t have, but what did you do with the Savior Jesus. What matters is what happens after death. And that’s where we want to be ready.

We cannot spend all of our strength, our efforts only trying to make treasures here on earth. Because whatever it is you are building here, it will be destroyed.

Are you too but that you can’t do nothing for God?

Are you too busy that you cannot help someone come to Jesus?

In the churches today, one of the greatest problems we have is people who don’t want to commit to do anything for God.

God is looking for men and women that will commit their lives to serve Him, to work for Him because this world is not our home.

If we’re too concerned about this earth, we’re going to stay on this earth. Heaven is our home!

You can’t put your life on cruise and make it to heaven

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