Adventurer Club


The Adventurer Club is a program designed for children ages 4- 9 years with the primary goal of assisting parents in the awesome task of developing their children into faithful followers of Christ.  Through this vital ministry which targets children in their early formative years, the church and parents can work together to develop a mature, happy child.  Your child can learn about the Bible, health and fitness, nature and people skills through many rich and meaningful experiences such as club activities, crafts, stories, field trips, games and more.  Visit the official website of the Adventurer Club at to learn more about the Adventurer Club curriculum.
The Henderson Highway SDA Adventurer Club program runs during the school year.  A small registration fee is required and meetings are held bi-weekly.  Regular attendance and parental involvement are encouraged.  We strive to teach our children of Jesus’ amazing love and to help them develop a loving relationship with Him through a variety of fun and creative experiences.
We would love to have you and your child involved in our Adventurer Club ministry!

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