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How Can We Believe?

“How can you believe every word in the Bible?” 

This question was asked of an old missionary by some theology students years ago. Using a relatable illustration, the old missionary began to respond.

He told his listeners that whenever they traveled, they prepared according to what is printed on the train schedule. If it says the train departs at a certain time, then they arrive at the station at the specified time and find the train waiting. They don’t make any other inquiries or disputes; they accept the information as printed.

The missionary continued, saying that he has lived a similar approach when it comes to the Bible. When he reads its directions and God’s promises, he doesn’t make any other inquiries or disputes. He accepts God’s Word as printed and they have always proven to be true.

This advice still applies to us today. We can read the Bible—God’s love letter to us—accepting what it says and live according to God’s standard. In 2018, we have advantages at the tips of our fingers that missionary of old never had. For instance, the Bible is accessible, and sometimes even free, in printed and digital formats There are Bible websites and countless apps for tablets and smartphones. At the touch of a button, the words can be translated into multiple forms of the English language and numerous other languages as well.

Though we have bibles so readily available to us, we struggle to believe what it says. We wrestle because of the doubts and questions that God’s enemy uses to taunt us and distract us from God.

Here are some tips to help us believe every word in the Bible.

  • Ask God to help us. Ask Him to open our eyes, ears, and mind to see more of Him. Read a verse or passage a number of times, pausing to think and reflect each time.
  • Reduce distractions. We may want to lessen or even eliminate some of what pulls us away from God. There may be certain forms of entertainments, foods, habits and more, that we need to release in order to stay focused on God.
  • Believe the words. When we read a promise, accept it. Personalize it in prayer. When we go throughout the day, look for how God is keeping His promise.
Like the old missionary, let’s accept God’s Word to us because He continually proves it to be true.
Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director,
Henderson Highway Church

The Day of the Lord: Seth Dixon

Even though Jesus, in the gospel, said over 2000 years ago that these signs were going to take place before the coming of the Son of Man, even today, the world is seeing these things happening yet no one is tying them with the end of the world.

Psychologists are explaining all of these behaviours of the young people, the youth, the mass killings, the crimes. And yes, there are explanations behind it, human explanations. But there is also a spiritual explanation behind it. And it is called the end of time.

There are many blessings that the world receives because of a few righteous people.

Your neighbourhood could be blessed because of you being righteous.

Intercession is simply praying on behalf of somebody. Asking God, pleading for somebody else.

Prayer is essential. Prayer is the power of the church. We can’t do anything without prayer.

Sometimes we have to insist for Jesus to give us, to do what He has promised to do.

When you are spiritually blind, no matter what happens, it’s not going to stop you. That’s why we need the Spirit of God to open our eyes to see what God has for us.

Sometimes God sends messages that are not always sweet. But the truth is also that a day is coming where your decisions will make you go either to one place or the other.

If I don’t do anything for God, if I’m just sitting in church, if I just come to church and sit down and do nothing, it makes me a weak Christian.

If we do not share the gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ, we become dried fruit.

Sharing the gospel is like exercising spiritually.

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

We’re praying and fasting together for 21 days. Our theme for this event is “Kneeling With the Savior”. We invite you to pray with us. Tune in every morning at 6 am for a live conference session online.

We encourage you to go a step further in your experience by fasting. You may fast once during the event; once a week during the event; or more often if you’re able.

The event happens May 27 through June 16.

Daily devotional booklet

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Connect with us through the zoom app every morning at 6:00. Meeting ID# is 257-301-965

Watered Down Results

She’d been anticipating this moment since waking up. It was smoothie time. Out came the blender and some other favorite ingredients. She was all set.

A feeling of dread started to creep into her as she grabbed a carton from the fridge. Either she’d gained Samson-like strength overnight or the milk was nearly empty.

She begged silently for a miracle, draining the last few drops from the carton into the blender. Please let it be close to the one cup line. Please let it be close to the one cup line. Please!

Nope. It was barely at the halfway mark, let alone a whole cup. There was not enough.

Intent on having this smoothie, she made a daring choice: to top up the rest with water. Fully aware that water dilutes flavor, she proceeded anyway. She figured that by adding less ice to the mix, it would balance out the flavor.

The finished smoothie looked okay, the texture typical as she raised her cup to taste. Even the initial sip was alright. But the more she drank, the more obvious it was that the smoothie’s flavor was weak.

She watered down the ingredients and in the end, got a watered down smoothie.

Galatians 6:7 tells us “Don’t be misled—you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.” (NLT)

It’s fun to let our imaginations run wild and free. We fantasize about potential outcomes to great projects and programs. But when it comes to the planning and execution, we stop the brainstorming and settle into what we know. It’s familiar to do routine things with routine hearts. This method has worked before…we’ve always only done it that way in the past… We fill in the blanks in the patterns and templates that someone else has already created for us.

Then we watch it unfold…and results weren’t as dramatic as we hoped. Yet, we knew going in that these methods, while they yield results, aren’t as stellar as they could be. Regardless, the results are accurate based on the quality of work we put in.

Awareness can keep us honest about how we function. Awareness also allows us to make better choices. When we are aware that a fixed process yield a fixed result, we have the opportunity to make necessary changes.

Is God leading us to something bigger and better than what we usually do? If God is leading, then we can trust Him to guide us through new processes.

Don’t let ease weaken the end result.

Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director,
Henderson Highway Church

Mommy, I want to be Saved! : Seth Dixon

Spend time with the Lord every single day.

Do not put your children above your husband. Someday, your children will be gone. And then who’s going to stay with you?

Make sure that they see you reading the Bible and praying.

You are molding your children into what they’re going to be.

Mothers, you will never be perfect. So don’t get frustrated when you make mistakes.

Pray for their friendships. Pray for their future spouses.

Bring them and train them up and show them that church activities are more important than any earthly activities.

Tell the truth. If they hear you tell a lie, they will lie too!

Don’t give them everything they want. That can be dangerous.

If your mother taught you to love God, if your mother put the seed of God inside of you, no matter how far you run from God, it’s going to still be there.

You can struggle, you can fight, you can say anything you want. But that training is going to be there until the day you die.

There’s a lot of training out there that want to pull your children away from the training you have given them.

The enemy wants to take away, squeeze out of their minds, their hearts, the training their mother gave them.

“Labor in faith and confidence, for the time will never come when God will forsake you.” – Desire of Ages

Misery Transformed

An eyelash is overlooked, until the moment one lands in our eye. The rubbing on our eyeball is highly irritating! Our concentration, our focus is broken until we can get that eyelash out.

One tiny hair doesn’t affect too many lives. Our neighbors don’t know of and don’t share in this irritation.

This is how misery can affect us, too. Often, we’re the ones who are hindered. Depending on the nature and severity of our current misery, our families may also feel repercussions. Due to this enormous distraction, we quit focusing. We pause on serving God and pause in our worship.

God’s enemy does not fight fair. God wants us, wants our hearts and has literally moved heaven and earth to prove it. Meanwhile, His enemy doesn’t care, at least not about us. The enemy is working to keep us disconnected from God. He preys on us, to find our weaknesses and magnifies them to keep us crippled and our eyesight hazy when we look to God.

Joseph sums it up well: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Gen 50:20, NLT.

But God!

Once we’re past the initial emotions that first occur in a state of misery, we have a choice to make. Are we going to marinate in what ails us, letting it permeate deep within? Or are we going to hand it over to God?

Giving it to God means trusting Him to do something. God is The Master Creator. He is very well experienced in making beauty appear. It is not unfathomable to believe that He can also take our hardest, most painful moments and transform them into something breathtakingly beautiful.

Trusting God with our misery does not mean that it is automatically canceled. The pain may not go away. The healing may not come as we expect. The relationship might never be restored. Our career situation may not change overnight. The circumstances may not change immediately.

What does change is our hearts. Rather than just focusing on what’s happening to us, let’s keep our hearts and eyes open to how God is working through us. When God is in it, our situation is no longer beyond the point of reasoning. All is not hopeless, all is not lost. God can use our experience to share hope, particularly with those in similar situations. God will use us to meet needs, to comfort and to love as He loves.

God can use our story, our misery, for ministry.

Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director,
Henderson Highway Church

Adventurer & Pathfinder Pre-Registration

We’re launching two new children’s programs at Henderson Highway!

Adventurers is for children 4 to 8 years old.
Pathfinders is for children 9 to 16 years old.

In order to best meet the needs of the children, we’re asking all interested families to pre-register. This will help us know how many people and which age groups to plan for.

Please pre-register May 31.

**Note: An official registration form will come later.


Signs of the End – Countdown to the End: Seth Dixon

God knows the end from the beginning. He sees the future clearer than we can see even this present moment.

God can go past 2018 into the future. He can come back and talk to us today about what’s going to happen in those years.

We have nothing to fear of the future unless we forget how God has guided us in the past.

We’re worried because we forget that God is already in the future. We forget that God has guided us in the past.

The world has become a professional academic world.

The world has turned away from God because the Bible seems too old-fashioned now because there’s too much cliché in the Bible.

It takes too much time for me to go to God and pray and wait for God to answer me. It’s easier for me to just go to a professional who can help me.

You’re going to keep going back and back and back when you could go to God and He can deliver you completely.

Put God first!

So many problems can be solved if we would just put God first.

Never forget to give God thanks for His miracles in your life.

Never forget to tell people that God is good to you.

Always be humble. Always remember where you came from. Never forget your roots.

Humility is one of the best characteristics a human could have.

When God does the impossible for His church, the people will believe that there’s a true God.

God wants to work miracles through His church. God wants to do great things so that people may see that He is real.

If you’re talking about how God is real and mighty and powerful, the question is ‘what is He doing for you?’

What have you done for Him? How is He working in your life?

Who Do You Work For?

It was to be a quick, uneventful trip to the local dollar store. The one purchase would be less than a few dollars. She was prepared to pay, eager to rid her wallet of loose change.

$2.50,” the clerk chirped.

She quickly counted out ten quarters and dropped them into the waiting open palm.

The cashier huffed, sighed and rolled his eyes in one movement, laying the money on the counter.

Seriously?!” he muttered under his breath, not caring that the customer heard and saw it all. He scanned the coins, counting without diligence. As the shopper left with her purchase, there were many questions swirling in her head.

Why was he working there if it bothered him so?
Did he not care about how he was misrepresenting his employer?
Is this how he lives every day, frustrated at the inconvenience of his own life choices?

Colossians 3:23 reminds us to “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

When people come to us with their needs, how do we treat them? Does our treatment differ when their need may be inconvenient to us or may require us to exert more energy to help?

Have we positioned ourselves to serve if our hearts are not fully committed to the task?

It’s one thing to have a job and be willing to do it well. To give our best to whatever is in our path. Maybe we’re eyeing an incentive or are trying to impress a boss.

For Christians, our work, our service should be executed to a higher standard. Paid or unpaid, there is no task too small or finite for one of God’s followers to do.

When He lived here, Jesus helped everyone, interacting willingly and lovingly with all people. I’m sure He didn’t drag the towel on the floor that night in the upper room, reluctantly reciting from His divine script that He was there to wash the disciples’ feet because God told Him so. I can’t picture Jesus wiping off the dirty water with a shudder.

Jesus took great pleasure in serving us because He used every interaction as His chance to love us. We can take great pleasure in serving each other because it’s a chance to show Christ’s love.

Our lives don’t have to be perfect. Our circumstances may not be ideal. But if we’re willing, God can use us where we are, for His good and for His glory.

Written by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communications Director,
Henderson Highway Church