Impact Winnipeg Training Recap

Impact Winnipeg.

Imagine if this phrase became as trendy as ‘selfie’ or ‘bff’? That’s why the build up has already begun.

Under the direction of Pastor Elmer Manzanares, Impact Winnipeg’s inaugural event was in February 2017. Events and training will be ongoing, leading up to the main event in November 2018. But Impact Winnipeg doesn’t end after this; we cannot stop sharing the gospel message to the city of Winnipeg and its surrounding communities.

Training was held recently at the Silver Heights Church, from April 28 to May 1. Pastor Chris Holland, It Is Written Canada speaker and upcoming Impact Winnipeg speaker, conducted this training in person. Over eight sessions, he focused primarily on how to give Bible studies. The information and vivid testimonies he shared helped to emphasize the importance of studying the Bible with someone. Before we can lead a study, we ourselves must be in a relationship with God. We need His Holy Spirit to guide and direct us while studying with others. We must be familiar with the Bible for ourselves so that we’re equipped to lead a study.

Overall, the goal of Bible studies and of Impact Winnipeg is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, encouraging them to live life with Him.

The next event is planned for October 18-23, 2017, with an emphasis on Health Ministry. Please keep Pastor Manzanares and his team–the Winnipeg pastors– in your prayers. Spend time asking the Lord what role He has for you as we work together to Impact Winnipeg.

Clearing the Way For the Holy Spirit, Part 5

Oooh, this series is good! As we met this past week, our discussion focused on ‘Forgiveness Versus Bitterness’. Jesus is the focal point as the ultimate example of forgiveness. For One who was frequently and unjustly wronged, Jesus had to repeatedly decide whether or not to forgive. He always chose forgiveness. Willingly. It was clear to us that in striving to be like Christ, it goes deeper than just being friendly, likeable and popular with some masses. We must also be ready to forgive with no strings attached.

One question from the study was: when a person chooses bitterness and revenge, who all gets hurt? Usually when bitterness and revenge are the focus, it’s because we’re hoping to attack the other person. To inflict pain or to retaliate because of how we were wronged. Except that it’s not just the other party that is affected. There is damage done to us as well.

A second question from this week was: how can we have the kind of love necessary to forgive those who have hurt us? Romans 5:5 has the answer–by being filled with the Holy Spirit.

During our prayer time, as we looked at repentance, one of the suggested activities was to get specific in seeking forgiveness. Tell God exactly who has wronged us; what actions and attitudes they had towards us that were hurtful and how we feel.

But it doesn’t stop there. May we all choose to be as thorough in our forgiveness as we were with listing our hurts.

Father in Heaven, I choose to forgive ______________ (person’s name) for ________________ (actions & attitudes that were hurtful to us). I am willing to suffer the emotional pain of ___________(our feelings), as well as the consequences that their actions and attitudes caused. I surrender all these things to You, to transform them and use them for good. I choose to pass on the mercy & kindness You have given to me as soon as I have opportunity. Forgive me for allowing wrong feelings, attitudes, and actions into my life.

We’re back to our regular Wednesdays next week, May 17 at 7:00 pm. As we continue to clear the way for the Holy Spirit, we’ll be studying ‘Purity Versus Sexual Immorality‘.


Job Opportunities

There are three job opportunities open in the Winnipeg community:

Red River Valley Junior Academy is looking to hire a Development Coordinator.

Are you desiring a challenging career opportunity which offers flexibility, self-direction and intrinsic rewards? Can you advance the school’s mission of providing awareness, cultivating relationships and securing financial resources to support its students and programs? Then you may be the ideal candidate for Development Coordinator. This person should be an engaging and energetic self-starter, an alumni or semi-retired, with a passion to develop and execute the school’s Development & Fundraising Plan. Training and career development opportunities are possible. Salary is negotiable.

Résumés and further inquiries can be submitted via email ( or to:
RRVJA School Board
℅ Dr. Chrispin Ntungo
56 Grey Street
Winnipeg, MB  R2L 1V3

This posting remains open until filled. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

West Park Manor Care Home is looking to hire an Infection Control Nurse.

Seeking a motivated RN or OHN for this 0.5 EFT role. The position is indefinite or as needed for extra hours. Work is primarily during days but may include evening or night shifts, if necessary. Current active registration with CRNM and experience as an ICP is required. Certification as an ICP is recommended and preferred. Experience and certification in a health field discipline preferred. Some training will be considered for the ideal candidate. Orientation to the ICP program will be provided for success in this role.

Résumés and further inquiries can be submitted via email (, phone (204-889-3330) or to:
Melanie Gumbs, DOC
3199 Grant Ave
Winnipeg, MB  R3R 1X2

Application deadline is April 3, 2017.

West Park Manor Care Home is looking to hire a Unit Manager.

Seeking a motivated RN for this 1.0 EFT permanent position. Work is primarily during days but may include evening or night shifts, if necessary. Current active registration with CRNM, 3-5 years of related work experience, and management experience are required. Certification in gerontology and/or management preferred. Some training will be considered for the ideal candidate. Orientation will be provided for success in this role.

Résumés and further inquiries can be submitted via email (, phone (204-889-3330) or to:
Melanie Gumbs, DOC
3199 Grant Ave
Winnipeg, MB  R3R 1X2

Application deadline is April 3, 2017.

Annual General Meeting

The church met on March 11 for an annual general meeting. While we typically use this meeting to review departmental reports, this year’s meeting took on a different format. There were two items slated for the agenda.

First, the church approved the proposed budget for 2017, as presented by the Head Treasurer. He fielded a lengthy question period from meeting attendees, informing us of how the Finance committee came to propose this year’s budget.

The second item was an update regarding the Senior Pastor search. Our Head Elder, who chaired the meeting, outlined the process used by the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference. While most of the work is led by either the Church Board or the Elders, the Board welcomed input from the church. Our goals and strategies as a church also need updating. The question was asked to the meeting attendees: in what order would we like to proceed? We could redefine our goals and strategies first then search for a new Senior Pastor or we could focus on the search, and then work with the new leader to redefine our mission and vision.

We decided work on both simultaneously. While we search for a Senior Pastor, a team can be formed to start updating our goals and strategies. When the new leader arrives, we’ll have a starting point.

Whiter Than Snow

Did you know that all snowflakes have a dirty little secret? Each one is formed as ice crystals build on a particle of dust. This was the first point we learned as explored the theme ‘Whiter Than Snow’ at the Women’s prayer breakfast in January. In a tastefully decorated hall, we filled each place setting as we gathered together to partake, praise and pray.

The invitation contained a cryptic request to bring scissors. In addition to learning about snowflakes, we had a chance to create our own from square paper. With a series of folds and creative cuts–with our scissors–, each woman designed a unique flake. We feasted on a warm, delicious breakfast meal and then had a time of praise singing. Through poetry, words of encouragement and a devotional on Psalm 51, we learned more about God and the depth of His love for us, particularly as women. We ended our morning by praying in small groups and then as a whole. The attendees were each gifted with a mug, hand-painted and customized to the theme for the morning.

Thank you to the Women’s Ministry team for your hard work. The event was a success and many of the attendees are anticipating the next prayer breakfast.

The Women’s Ministry team welcomes your support, suggestions and ministry ideas that would meet the needs of the women in our church & in our community. The team can be contacted at

Hall decorated with set tables and snowflakes & lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Each mug was hand-painted with a snowflake and the verse, Isa 1:18.

One of the many unique snowflakes created at the breakfast.

“Great Things Are About to Happen” – Impact Winnipeg 2018

The Holy Spirit is moving in Winnipeg. You could sense it among the crowd at the Mennonite Brethren Church on February 11, 2017. The church was full of Seventh-day Adventists, from churches all across Winnipeg. They had closed their respective churches for that Sabbath and united for a special service to launch Impact Winnipeg 2018.

President David Ripley

President David Ripley

“What a blessing it was!” said Dr. David Ripley, President of the Manitoba-Saskatchewan (Man-Sask) Conference. “To be in the room with hundreds of Adventist believers and know that we were united in our hearts to serve God! From all across Winnipeg, and from many cultural backgrounds, we sang, prayed, and studied to prepare for God’s mission, to save souls.”

In partnership with It Is Written Canada, Impact Winnipeg 2018 is a city-wide effort to reach the city of Winnipeg for Jesus. For the next year and a half every church and church member is encouraged to join in coordinated evangelistic preparations that will culminate in a city-wide evangelistic series from November 2-24, 2018 with Chris Holland of It Is Written Canada. It is similar to previous successful Impact events in Edmonton and Calgary in the past.

Pastor Manzanares (left) and Pastor Jeff Potts

Pastor Manzanares (left) and Pastor Potts

The February 11 Sabbath launch was special, says Pastor Elmer Manzanares, Impact Winnipeg Coordinator; “the spirit of worship really stood out to me. It was an excellent event. Everyone was in the mode of worshiping, appreciative of the program.”

Pastor Jeff Potts, Executive Secretary of the Man-Sask Conference echoed this, saying, “I sensed real enthusiasm at the event.  Seventh-day Adventists in Winnipeg are excited about what God is going to do in their city.  Our church members are committed to helping people come to faith in Jesus and be prepared for His soon coming.”

Pastor Chris Holland, It Is Written Canada

Pastor Chris Holland, It Is Written Canada

Pastor Holland was present to share the sermon for the launch and noted, “The unity of God’s people in revival is something that always excites me.  Throughout Biblical history in every major advancement of the kingdom of God, it was preceded by a special time of revival.  To see the membership of the Winnipeg churches to rally together with an attendance over 700 people tells me that our people are serious about winning Winnipeg for Jesus.”

The service included special presentations and music from all ages with people from every church across the city. It was a day of prayer, preaching, teaching, training and praise.

The next Impact Winnipeg event is Training and Equipping – Light Your World for God. Spread across April 28-30 there will be various training and equipping events in giving Bible studies, visitation ministry, literature evangelism, and prayer ministry. There will also be special training in giving health outreach weekends. Churches are encouraged to to use “Thunder in the Holy Land” Bible DVD series for personal Bible studies with friends in the home.

IMG_9697 copy“There is a place for everyone.  Not everyone has to give a Bible study or have a small group,” Pastor Holland points out.  “There will be ample opportunities to be trained in a variety of ministries.  However, one doesn’t need to be trained to demonstrate compassionate Christian living.  This can be done in the simplest of ways…smiling and saying hello, taking some bread or soup to a neighbour, praying with someone, kind words toward someone, and the list could go on.  Too often we have relegated the principle of evangelism to paid professionals.  But evangelism is sharing good news.  Each of us can share good news no matter the circumstance or our training.

“I urge our church members to pray daily for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Winnipeg,” says Pastor Potts. “Additionally, I urge our members to spend time each week with friends who are far from God, and then invite those friends to participate in a Thunder Group.

Launch of Impact Winnipeg_32007165954_l“We are called to make a difference”, says Pastor Manzanares. “We are called to preach with power and the Lord has given us the promise of the Holy Spirit, that if we come together, it doesn’t matter the size of the group, the Holy Spirit will be able to make a big difference in Winnipeg. It is when the people come together that the the Holy Spirit does powerful things.”

The Man-Sask Conference has a new Mission and Vision, received through prayer and God’s guidance that includes doubling our number of churches and doubling attendance at each of our churches. President Ripley states, “I believe that what God has asked of us as a conference will become reality in Winnipeg. Double Attendance and double churches.  In a short time, we will need an even larger facility to meet together! I urge all members who were inspired by what God did for us at our Impact Winnipeg 2018 launch, to hold fast to your resolve to be involved.  Personally we must build relationships with many people around us. God will bless and we will have a great growth in the church.”

SOURCE: Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference