A Loving Father: Sethres Dixon

Fathers, sometimes we feel guilty because we make mistakes as fathers.

Anyone who turns his back on God goes into a “far country”.

If you turn away from God, there is no spiritual success.

If you turn away from God, you’re going straight down a decline in spirituality, in morality.

The lower you fall, the lower your expectations go.

Some young people they don’t want their parents to have high expectations of them because they themselves have no expectations for themselves.

The question is not where you are today but where are you going?

If you’re headed back home, you know where you’re going.

God wants you and I to confess

There is nowhere that we can go from God that He cannot reach us.

There’s no depth that you go that God cannot save you. God is love.

Bless to Be Blessed: Women’s Ministry

God created us in His own image for a purpose.

We cannot forsake God no matter what the devil throws at us. We have to remain faithful.

God has a plan. He’s preparing us for His favor.

You decide what attitude you will have.

What is more important for us is to spend our personal time alone with God. We cannot give what we don’t have.

We are the light of our home, so we have to spend time alone with God. We need to touch the hem of His garment every single day.

Let’s look for God’s blessings before the sun comes up every morning.

Connect with God daily and do not let Him go until you feel His power running through your life.

Nothing is impossible for God.

A New Earth: Seth Dixon

People think that they have the solution to the world’s problems. But unless they turn to God, there is no solution to this.

Pride is making spiritually decline in the church of God.

It’s time that the church removes the pride and gets ready for the coming of the Lord.

There are angels who direct your mind to the Bible when you need a word of encouragement.

When Jesus comes, the great men, the slaves will all tremble at the presence of the power and glory at the coming of heaven.

No matter how great you are on this earth, there is somebody that is greater than you. And that should always keep us humble.

We should always walk with the reminder that there’s someone greater than me and that is God.

For God there is no race, no social status, no profession, there is nothing. We are all creatures of God. He died for every one of us.

Don’t you want to go to heaven? How can we want to stay here?

Strive for heaven.

What really matters was not what you have or didn’t have, but what did you do with the Savior Jesus. What matters is what happens after death. And that’s where we want to be ready.

We cannot spend all of our strength, our efforts only trying to make treasures here on earth. Because whatever it is you are building here, it will be destroyed.

Are you too but that you can’t do nothing for God?

Are you too busy that you cannot help someone come to Jesus?

In the churches today, one of the greatest problems we have is people who don’t want to commit to do anything for God.

God is looking for men and women that will commit their lives to serve Him, to work for Him because this world is not our home.

If we’re too concerned about this earth, we’re going to stay on this earth. Heaven is our home!

You can’t put your life on cruise and make it to heaven

The Day of the Lord: Seth Dixon

Even though Jesus, in the gospel, said over 2000 years ago that these signs were going to take place before the coming of the Son of Man, even today, the world is seeing these things happening yet no one is tying them with the end of the world.

Psychologists are explaining all of these behaviours of the young people, the youth, the mass killings, the crimes. And yes, there are explanations behind it, human explanations. But there is also a spiritual explanation behind it. And it is called the end of time.

There are many blessings that the world receives because of a few righteous people.

Your neighbourhood could be blessed because of you being righteous.

Intercession is simply praying on behalf of somebody. Asking God, pleading for somebody else.

Prayer is essential. Prayer is the power of the church. We can’t do anything without prayer.

Sometimes we have to insist for Jesus to give us, to do what He has promised to do.

When you are spiritually blind, no matter what happens, it’s not going to stop you. That’s why we need the Spirit of God to open our eyes to see what God has for us.

Sometimes God sends messages that are not always sweet. But the truth is also that a day is coming where your decisions will make you go either to one place or the other.

If I don’t do anything for God, if I’m just sitting in church, if I just come to church and sit down and do nothing, it makes me a weak Christian.

If we do not share the gospel of salvation of Jesus Christ, we become dried fruit.

Sharing the gospel is like exercising spiritually.

Mommy, I want to be Saved! : Seth Dixon

Spend time with the Lord every single day.

Do not put your children above your husband. Someday, your children will be gone. And then who’s going to stay with you?

Make sure that they see you reading the Bible and praying.

You are molding your children into what they’re going to be.

Mothers, you will never be perfect. So don’t get frustrated when you make mistakes.

Pray for their friendships. Pray for their future spouses.

Bring them and train them up and show them that church activities are more important than any earthly activities.

Tell the truth. If they hear you tell a lie, they will lie too!

Don’t give them everything they want. That can be dangerous.

If your mother taught you to love God, if your mother put the seed of God inside of you, no matter how far you run from God, it’s going to still be there.

You can struggle, you can fight, you can say anything you want. But that training is going to be there until the day you die.

There’s a lot of training out there that want to pull your children away from the training you have given them.

The enemy wants to take away, squeeze out of their minds, their hearts, the training their mother gave them.

“Labor in faith and confidence, for the time will never come when God will forsake you.” – Desire of Ages

Signs of the End – Countdown to the End: Seth Dixon

God knows the end from the beginning. He sees the future clearer than we can see even this present moment.

God can go past 2018 into the future. He can come back and talk to us today about what’s going to happen in those years.

We have nothing to fear of the future unless we forget how God has guided us in the past.

We’re worried because we forget that God is already in the future. We forget that God has guided us in the past.

The world has become a professional academic world.

The world has turned away from God because the Bible seems too old-fashioned now because there’s too much cliché in the Bible.

It takes too much time for me to go to God and pray and wait for God to answer me. It’s easier for me to just go to a professional who can help me.

You’re going to keep going back and back and back when you could go to God and He can deliver you completely.

Put God first!

So many problems can be solved if we would just put God first.

Never forget to give God thanks for His miracles in your life.

Never forget to tell people that God is good to you.

Always be humble. Always remember where you came from. Never forget your roots.

Humility is one of the best characteristics a human could have.

When God does the impossible for His church, the people will believe that there’s a true God.

God wants to work miracles through His church. God wants to do great things so that people may see that He is real.

If you’re talking about how God is real and mighty and powerful, the question is ‘what is He doing for you?’

What have you done for Him? How is He working in your life?

The Rental Kid: Pastor Mark Ricalde

Parenting is always a desperate thing.

Whatever you desperately need, only God can provide it.

The only job you have as a parent is to give your child back to the Lord.

When you are given the gift of a child, your only responsibility is to get your child to God. Because really, what you have is a rental kid.

Having a godly kid is more important than having a church-going kid.

At the end of the day, they could fill the pew, but their hearts could be empty. Or they could be out working and their hearts are full.

Kids, you need to learn what it means to worship the Lord.

Sometimes, though, our pride gets in the way and it causes our children to fall.

Kids, if your parents are letting you do whatever you want, talk to them and ask “Do you care about me?”

Pray with your kids every day.

Living in Noah’s Time: Pastor Seth Dixon

It’s never been easy for anyone to find grace in the eyes of the Lord in midst of corruption.

It’s not easy to be different. It is not easy to walk against the current.

Every time God is about to do something, He sends us warnings.

God is not asking if you’ve finished your PhD yet so He can use you.

The wisest decision a person could ever make is decide to follow Jesus and give their lives to Him.

God’s Word is true.

Signs of the End – The Exit Plan: Seth Dixon

Sometimes you pray to God for things to happen and instead of them getting better, they get worse.

Before the coming of Jesus Christ, things are going to get worse!

Never look for a prime minister to make things better.

God wants His people to be uncomfortable to live in this world.

The more comfortable we are, the less we want to make it to heaven.

God wants us to think that there is a better place coming up.

There are things that happen in this world because God doesn’t want you comfortable here. He wants you to want to leave here.

God wants you to desire heaven because this world is not our home.

We are living in the last days of the earth’s history.

We need to be thinking about being ready for Jesus’ coming.

Jesus wants us to be ready, to live ready.

Pass it on: Pastor Mark Ricalde

“We can be a church that has good programs, we can be a church that has good music, we can be a church with a good preacher. But if we’re not passing things on, we’re not doing ministry the way God has called us to do.” – Mark Ricalde