Clearing the Way For the Holy Spirit, Part 8

As we met for prayer meeting this past Wednesday, one thing was clear.

There is nothing little about a lie.

The scriptures used in our study ‘Integrity Versus Deception’  make it plain that we are to be honest and truthful. As Christians, followers of Christ, we must be transparent and consistent, living with integrity as we represent Christ. What you say and do in public should match what you say and do in private. Questioned by Pilate during His trial, Jesus was able to confidently state that anyone could be His witness. Because the life He lived was the same whether He was alone in a wilderness, with His disciples or teaching a crowd. Revelation 22:15 states its plainly: those who live a lie will be left outside of Heaven. But this is not God’s desire for us.

Deception can be easy. Sometimes, it feels like the safer option. When a sensitive brethren comes seeking our opinion, sometimes we quickly think of ways to dance around the issue or deflect to avoid answering them directly. No one enjoys a painful feeling. One of the most common uses of dishonesty can be found in our interactions: ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine’ It gets asked without intending to listen to the for a reply. And, for whatever reason, the response is generic and quick.

But God!

God doesn’t abandon us at the first sign of sin in our lives. He has promised to put His laws in our minds, carving them in the lining of our hearts. He forgives us and never again remembers our sins. What a blessed promise from our Heavenly Father. When we ask God to forgive us, it happens immediately. Gone! We have a clean slate after forgiveness.

Our prayer meeting ended with this prayer of dedication:
God, cleanse my heart of all deception and falseness and write Your law of love upon my heart and mind. In faith that You have changed me on the inside, I step out to do what is right on the outside, trusting that by Your power, I can be genuine and honest. By Your power, O God, I will be a person of integrity, doing what is right, when I am alone, with my family, and in public. I will speak the truth in love.

We continue our series next Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Join us as we study ‘Freedom in Christ Versus Evil Spirit’s Control’. Below is a link for the study guide. Even if you’re not able to join the group, you can follow along at home with the same materials. You’re welcome to bring a friend, especially if you’re too shy to come alone.


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