EQUIP 2017 Recap

Last weekend, an EQUIP training event was held at the Silver Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church. The EQUIP training is provided as part of the TMI initiative.

What is TMI?

Too Much Information? In many circles, yes, but not in this case.
Two Member Involvement? That’s a scenario we hope to avoid.

TMI is the acronym for Total Member Involvement; that all members can use their God-given gifts and talents to share the gospel message.

Seminars were presented on ministries such as health, communications, young adult, education, young adults and more. Having seen the work of God in their ministries, the leaders were enthusiastic as their shared information and personal stories with their respective audiences. The goal of these sessions is to empower church goers to share the gospel message. These training events equip us so that excuses are stripped away and we can share the love of Christ freely.

Our church leaders could share their vision and encourage us to tell others about Christ. However, they’ve chosen to take things one step further, by showing us how this can be done. But things don’t end with an EQUIP event. There are numerous ministry resources available on the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference website. Ministry leaders are also within reach. Our Conference has appointed a director for TMI, Pastor Lynn Ripley.

Visit our Conference TMI website for more upcoming training events, resources and more.

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