Ten Days of Prayer 2018

The theme for the 2018 ten days of prayer is “A Prayer Experience With Our High Priest”. From January 10-19, we’ll be exploring the garments of the Old Testament High Priest.

Whenever God gives directions to His people, it is deliberate and intentional. The same details apply to the dress code for the high priests. This clothing has a deeper significance than just looking set apart. Each aspect of the garment reminds us of God’s love and the purposes He desired for His high priests and still desires for each of us.

In previous years, we’ve met at the church for the ten days each January to pray together. This year, we’re trying a different format, in hopes of spreading the effect of the event. Instead of meeting at the church, we’re encouraging our church family to gather together with their families or in a small group setting for the ten days. They can study at a more suitable time and location for their needs. We look forward to hearing the positive feedback from this week.

Listed below are highlights from each of the ten days. Perhaps these same points may have impacted you. What have you learned during these ten days?

These daily highlights are saved on our site. If you’re unable to participate during January, you’re welcome to revisit them at any time and use the information later.

Day 1: The Anointing Oil
Day 2: Holiness Unto the Lord
Day 3: Bare Feet
Day 4: The Robe
Day 5: The Ephod
Day 6: The Girdle
Day 7: The Breastplate
Day 8: Urim and Thummim
Day 9: The Censer
Day 10: The Bells and Pomegranates

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