The Rental Kid: Pastor Mark Ricalde

Parenting is always a desperate thing.

Whatever you desperately need, only God can provide it.

The only job you have as a parent is to give your child back to the Lord.

When you are given the gift of a child, your only responsibility is to get your child to God. Because really, what you have is a rental kid.

Having a godly kid is more important than having a church-going kid.

At the end of the day, they could fill the pew, but their hearts could be empty. Or they could be out working and their hearts are full.

Kids, you need to learn what it means to worship the Lord.

Sometimes, though, our pride gets in the way and it causes our children to fall.

Kids, if your parents are letting you do whatever you want, talk to them and ask “Do you care about me?”

Pray with your kids every day.

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