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    • Wednesday: Ananias and Sapphira July 17, 2018
      The pooling of goods in the early church was not compulsory; that is, it was not a formal condition of membership. Yet, there certainly were several examples of voluntary generosity that inspired the whole community. One such example was Barnabas (Acts 4:36-37), who will play an important role later in the book. However, there were also […]
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    • Tuesday: The Rise of Opposition July 16, 2018
      It was not long until the church’s success aroused opposition from some Jerusalem leaders. The Jerusalem temple was run by the high priest and his associates, most of whom were Sadducees. The high priest was also the president of the Sanhedrin council, which in those days was comprised mostly of Sadducees and Pharisees. Because the […]
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    • Monday: The Healing of a Lame Man July 15, 2018
      In Acts 3:1, Peter and John went to the temple for the three o’clock prayer service. This indicates the essentially Jewish character of the church’s faith at this early period. That is, the apostles did not go to the temple only to instruct or make new converts but because Peter and John were still Jews and, […]
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    • Sunday: Teaching and Fellowship July 14, 2018
      After Pentecost, Luke shifts the narrative to a general description of the inner life of the church in Jerusalem. “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers” (Acts 2:42, NKJV). The four items noted appear to be basically teaching and fellowship. According to verse 46, the […]
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    • Sabbath: Life in the Early Church July 13, 2018
      Read for This Week’s Study: Acts 2:42-46; Acts 4:34-35; Acts 3:1-26; Acts 4:1-18; Acts 5:1-11; Acts 5:34-39. Memory Text: “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people” (Acts 2:46-47, NIV). The early church’s sense of urgency […]
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    • The Key to Power May 29, 2018
      I’d been having trouble with my 13-year-old car. A sympathetic person loaned me his car while mine was being repaired.
    • Heavenly Moisture May 14, 2018
      Everyone warned us. The Philippines is hot. It is humid. Living in the Philippines is a lot different than living in Los Angeles. Everyone warned us. The Philippines is hot. It is humid.
    • Faithful Dogs? May 11, 2018
      My dog is faithful. He is always glad to see me. He wags his tail and follows me around when I’m home.
    • Golden Rule March 29, 2016
      While in the Marine Corps, I spent some time in Africa conducting missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
    • Just Ask March 29, 2016
      It was Saturday night. I was sitting alone in our family’s car, watching the people walking by. I was six years old, and broke.