The church met on March 11 for an annual general meeting. While we typically use this meeting to review departmental reports, this year’s meeting took on a different format. There were two items slated for the agenda.

First, the church approved the proposed budget for 2017, as presented by the Head Treasurer. He fielded a lengthy question period from meeting attendees, informing us of how the Finance committee came to propose this year’s budget.

The second item was an update regarding the Senior Pastor search. Our Head Elder, who chaired the meeting, outlined the process used by the Manitoba-Saskatchewan Conference. While most of the work is led by either the Church Board or the Elders, the Board welcomed input from the church. Our goals and strategies as a church also need updating. The question was asked to the meeting attendees: in what order would we like to proceed? We could redefine our goals and strategies first then search for a new Senior Pastor or we could focus on the search, and then work with the new leader to redefine our mission and vision.

We decided work on both simultaneously. While we search for a Senior Pastor, a team can be formed to start updating our goals and strategies. When the new leader arrives, we’ll have a starting point.

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