“Usually, those two didn’t get along with each other.  But they both hated Jesus so much, that they decided to cooperate to get rid of Him…”

This statement caught my eye as I was reading a children’s Sabbath School lesson one day. The Pharisees and Sadducees hated each other. However, their combined hatred for Jesus was bigger than their hatred for each other. They will willing to work together to eliminate a shared enemy.

These two groups were no longer focused on their differences or figuring out which group was more superior to the other. Their focus was on the bigger picture. They understood they had a better chance to accomplish their goal if they worked together.

They were willing to come together; to drop biases, even if temporarily, to tackle a common problem.

Are we willing to do the same?

Within Henderson Highway Church, we are supposed to be motivated by God’s love in order to share this love with others. Are we willing to come together; to drop our personal biases, even if temporarily, to tackle the work of sharing God’s love?

There are people within our walls who attend regularly but have never experienced God’s love. There are people on the fringes, those who may drop into our church from time to time, who do not know this love. There are those in our community who have never been to our church and do not know this love.

We must work together because the workload is too overwhelming for one person to tackle alone. Jesus was repeatedly exhausted after ministering to people each day. And even He didn’t meet every single inhabitant on Earth while He lived here. He also dispatched His disciples, in groups of two, to do what they were able to do. Likewise, they couldn’t meet every single person.

Though they couldn’t do it all, their love for Christ propelled them to give their best efforts.

God has asked us to go and tell others about His love. God has asked us to go and love others, just as He loves us. While we do have an impact on the people we each know, our reach will be greater if we cooperate and work together to share this love.

Are we willing to work together to share this love within and around our church?

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