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{This post is a continuation of Olive’s special gift (part 1) for her Grandpa and the life lessons seen in their reactions to the gift. This week, we’ll explore one of those life lessons.}

Assumptions are powerful.

Powerfully dangerous because we tend to assume the worst the majority of the time.

Easy to make, assumptions cause a complexity of confusion. Life gets messy when we project our own ideas as fact while still unproven.

Only after handing Grandpa his gift did Olive notice that he already had several of the same. Within a few moments, she assumed that her gift was null, void and unwanted because it wasn’t unique. None of which were true.

Grandpa, however, surprised Olive with his love for her gift. He quickly corrected her wrong assumptions. An avid bell collector, he’s always happy to add to his collection. Plus, Olive’s addition now completed a set.

Have you found yourself making assumptions in your faith life? Maybe they sound sort of like these:

I’m not good enough to serve in ministry …
I could never lead …
(Insert name here) should’ve heard today’s sermon because it was for them!
This situation is impossible …
God doesn’t have time for my private & embarrassingly personal prayer requests …
If I had more faith, this circumstance would never happen …
I’m too old/young for this …
God can’t forgive me for …

Assumptions are dangerous when they hinder us from getting closer to God. Whatever longing we have for a spiritual intimacy is filled up and overtaken by our assumptions. Wedges are formed as we question whether or not God can really be trusted. We don’t want to surrender to Someone we do not fully trust.

Thankfully, God has all the answers. There’s nothing we can ask Him that would stump Him. In taking the time to get to know Him, in persisting with God through prayer and Bible study, we’ll soon learn that He has gracious responses to redirect our wayward thoughts.

As we get to know God, we won’t be so quick to assume the worst for others and for ourselves. As our faith grows stronger, we’ll find our confidence in Him. Rather than letting assumptions stop us in our tracks, we will look to stand on God’s truth. There, we’ll find His peace as we rest in the fact that He not only loves us but delights in us too.

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