‘God’s Blessings Versus Generational Sins’ is a topic that runs deep because it affects us all. Yet, there is hope for us all too. Our hope is in Jesus!

Jesus understands. He has literally been through everything.

Consider for a moment, what Jesus did. Would you leave the perfection of Heaven? Would you leave the perfection of Heaven to come down to an imperfect planet? Where the planet is inhabited by imperfect people who, through their choices, have wreaked havoc on God’s original ideal? And even after the mission was accomplished and successful, would you keep the scarred body forever?

But Jesus did! He didn’t arrive in some mysterious pod, similar to Superman. Jesus was born, so there was no contesting His humanity. In addition to His birth, Jesus inherited an human ancestry. His lineage is full of people who made choices that were opposite of God’s, which then paved the way for future generations. Jesus’ family did not give him the healthiest set up for life.

Yet, He didn’t wallow in it. There were no excuses. Jesus didn’t quit at the first sign of weakness and say, well my dad this or my mom that. He broke the cycle. He prayed for forgiveness for all those around Him, before Him and those to come in the future. After His ascent into Heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to guide us, so that we’d never be alone.

Despite what has happened in our past, we are empowered to live differently. Follow Jesus’ example–He did differently. There are issues we have inherited because of the sins and choices of our ancestors. However, we are not forced to repeat them. We can learn from them and choose differently otherwise. We can choose forgiveness. We can choose to seek help in destroying those strongholds that threaten to hold us back from a healthy life.

We were encouraged to spend time confessing from any generational strongholds, being specific as we released them to God. Let us also remember that God forgives immediately. And then He forgets, cleaning us as though it has never happened.

Our prayer time ended with this choice:
I choose my Father in Heaven to be my example in everything. I receive His inheritance and blessing through Jesus making my adoption into God’s family possible. I receive my Elder Brother Jesus as my Saviour and Lord so that His character might be in my heart and expressed through everything I say and do. I also give thanks for every good thing that my parents and ancestors have passed on to me.

We conclude this series next Wednesday, June 28 at 7:00 pm. The last part of clearing for the Holy Spirit includes ‘Steps for Overcoming Sin’.


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