Jesus is pure. Through Him, we also have purity.

Why is purity important? Why does it factor into our relationship with the Holy Spirit? Because an impure heart gives the devil an entryway into our lives, disrupting our connection with God.

As we recapped our study for part 6 of our series, ‘Purity Versus Sexual Immorality’ , we see how this topic also matters to God. Anything that hinders our intimacy with Him is a big deal. Like in our previous studies, we went into the Bible for scriptural evidence of God’s standard.

We appreciated that God and sex are linked together here. In the church, we fail to unite them as they should be. Most times, we’ll discuss one without the other as though they have no business being linked in the same breath. Or we go to the other extreme and only link God with sex when we’re taking more of a punitive or negative stance on the topic.

This is not God’s intention. We have tainted His perfect ideal when it comes to this sensitive topic. What was once an element of worship has shifted to something taboo.

Thankfully, God restores! When we ask Him for forgiveness, God forgives. His forgiveness also applies to the area of purity and sensuality. The sins that have been forgiven are gone, stricken from the record and we’re covered with His robe of righteousness. God erases forgiven sins from our record. If He doesn’t keep a tally, then we too should keep no tally. We need to treat and love each other as God loves us.

Our prayer for this topic was a simple request from our hearts:
I receive a clean, pure heart from God and a faithful spirit. I will focus my mind on pure and loving thoughts. I will keep sexual pleasure only for marriage. I will live to bless others instead of pleasing myself.

Join us next Wednesday at 7:00 pm as we dive into study #7: ‘Self-Control Versus Intemperance’.


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