This scripture from First Corinthians gave us a new perspective in how we ought to live. In our study about ‘Self-Control Versus Intemperance’, we are motivated to live right in order to provide a more hospitable environment for the Holy Spirit, who dwells in us.

One definition for self-control is refusing that which is harmful and using what is good with moderation. Typically, we think of self-control in relation to food and our appetites. But it goes beyond that. There are many seemingly good things that become harmful when we overindulge in them.

A thought-provoking analogy that came from our discussion was that the Holy Spirit is lives in a space that is in a continual state of renovation. Most of us have experienced the inconvenience renovations can cause; whether it’s to our homes, workplaces, schools, road construction and more. When something is being remodeled or repaired, the environment is messy and chaotic. Being unsettled causes extra stress as tensions are heightened. Regardless of this, the Holy Spirit chooses to live in us. He is with us throughout each stage of our spiritual journey. We are His sacred place. Furthermore, we have the option of whether to use the DIY approach and renovate ourselves by ourselves, or to let a professional–God–handle things.

The study ended with the assurance that despite our temptations, God is faithful! He has promised to never let us be tempted beyond our limits (1 Corinthians 10:13). What a glorious thought! Even when we’re pushed to the edge, God won’t let it get out of control. And He has a way out. We can take Him at His word because He always keeps His word.

We begun our prayer time with this sentiment:
By God’s mighty power, I choose to receive the healthiest types of food and drink into my body. I will speak and act after thinking about what Jesus would do in the same situation. I will use my energy, body, and mind to love God and serve people.

Next week, we’re studying part 8 of this revealing series, ‘Integrity Versus Deception’. As always, our Wednesday night prayer sessions are open to everyone. If you’re too shy to come alone, bring a friend with you. See you next Wednesday, May 31 at 7:00 pm.


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