girl looking through window

Three-year-old Avlina knows when it’s time to sit by the window. Anticipating a special guest, she waits eagerly.
Every single day.
Ian, a local postal worker, faithfully appears in Avlina’s neighborhood. A familiar face, Ian is adored by the residents on Avlina’s street. Going above and beyond his job description, Ian delivers more than mail. He also brings joy.
Every single day.
Smiling broadly, Ian begins to dance as he approaches Avlina’s front gate. When she spots him, Avlina begins bouncing and twirling in her window. The duo shares a few fun moments together before Ian prances off to the next mailbox.
Every single day.
Since joy is contagious, it wasn’t long before Avlina’s neighbors noticed Ian’s footwork. Others watch for his arrival as well, each having their own personal dances with their friendly mail carrier. Stepping, waving, and smiling.
Every single day.
The dances aren’t rhythmic, let alone choreographed. Ian’s not attempting to go viral in hopes of moving away from postal work once he’s discovered. He’s simply doing what he can with what he has in hand – or on foot – to bring joy to someone else.
Every single day.
We all have something in hand: a talent, a skill, an idea. Why not do what you can with what you have on hand today. Then, tomorrow. And so on.
Every single day.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Director, Henderson Highway Church

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