The longer I waited, my anger increased.

Heading home from one appointment, I had allowed myself ample time to arrive before catching a ride to my second appointment. As a daily bus rider, I was familiar with the transit system. I lived in a location that was convenient for commuting by bus.

I had not accounted for the option that one or two busses may not even arrive. What should have been a few minutes wait at the bus stop turned into nearly an hour.

Seething while waiting, I prepared to unleash at the bus driver…whenever that would be.

Finally, I spotted the name of my destination on an approaching bus. I was ready.

When the doors opened, I was greeted by a friendly-faced bus driver that I knew. And knew well!

The un-Christ-like greeting melted away in the hot sun. I canceled my well-rehearsed scolding. The repercussions would have been harmful and potentially long-lasting.

In preparing for Impact Winnipeg 2019, I remembered this incident from years ago. We hope to make a positive impact on the entire city of Winnipeg.

What would happen if I’m rude to someone at a store, at school, at work, but run into them at the RBC Convention Center next spring?

I’m cringing.

Preparations for this large-scale event begin early. More than the logistics of parking and event necessities, our hearts need to be ready. We need to intentionally plant seeds of kindness today.

That day at the bus stop changed the way I interact with people, particularly when I am upset. Every face we see on Winnipeg streets –everyone who crosses our paths– is a potential attendee for Impact Winnipeg 2019. Before they hear messages about God and His love, may they experience His love through our actions and behaviors first.

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