Friends Matt and Tommy ran into each other at the store as they were shopping with their Moms. It was one of those stores that had signs everywhere, warning customers not to damage the merchandise.

Matt and Tommy started talking, then taunting and playing. Soon, Tommy bumped into a shelf and heard a crash! Something broke. Tommy started to sweat as he thought of the impending doom and consequences. In fact, Matt was eager to see Tommy punished.

Tommy swallowed deeply as he approached the manager with the broken item. Remorseful, Tommy explained what happened and apologized. He braced himself for the oncoming punishment.

However, the store manager was touched by Tommy’s sincerity. Rather than make him pay, he spoke to Tommy and cautioned him to be more careful in the future.

Tommy was free.

Matt was furious! Why didn’t Tommy get into trouble? He deserved all manner of trouble and punishment and suffering for breaking the item.

Instead, Tommy got something that he didn’t deserve.

Tommy got grace.

God shows us His grace repeatedly, by not giving us what we truly deserve. God is more concerned about our hearts than fitting a punishment to a crime. His divine perspective goes beyond what we consider to be fair and unfair.

The sad reality is that there will be people who are upset because of God’s graciousness towards us. Because it doesn’t make sense.

Grace doesn’t make sense. God’s love doesn’t make sense. In order to reach us, to love us unconditionally and touch our hearts, He is willing to do what doesn’t make sense.

Because we are worth saving and loving, in God’s eyes, He finds us worthy of His grace.

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