We focused on Daniel as our notable person of prayer this past week. In studying his story, it is clear that Daniel was dedicated to serving God and making Him known. To accomplish this goal, Daniel developed a private prayer routine. He habitually prayed at set times each day. One place he liked to pray was at home, kneeling by his open window.

One of the highlights of Daniel’s life is when the king issued the decree that for thirty days, people could only pray to the king and nothing or no one else. Anyone who broke this law would be executed.

If a similar decree was issued today, we might not worry too much. We could easily continue to pray to God without being caught. We would simply change our prayer routines to fit into the restrictions around us in efforts to stay alive.

Yet, Daniel, upon hearing this new law, went straight home and proceeded to assume his customary prayer position. It sounds like an act of rebellion.

Maintaining a consistent connection with God keeps our hearts and minds focused on Him.We’re able to hear God better. He gives us clarity to discern between what is a personal attack and an attack on God. Daniel recognized this decree to be an attack on God and trusted God to fight this battle.

Daniel couldn’t hide to pray that day. His accusers would have presumed that in the face of adversity, Daniel’s faith in God could be shaken. That God’s power is diminished in the face of man-made laws and decrees. No longer would the kingdom think to call on Daniel and his God whenever the next dilemma arose.

Daniel wasn’t being rebellious that day. More than his own life, He valued God’s honor. Daniel needed his accusers to know that God is worth standing up for. Daniel was not willing to forsake God to save himself. He understood that the Promise-Keeping God he served would continue to guard him and guide him until the end.

We, too, can have a holy boldness. The same God who directed Daniel and answered his prayers is the same God that hears and answers us today. We have seen God’s character attacked and challenged, both in obvious and subtle ways, particularly in 2017. Beyond our human fear is the faithful God who knowingly tells us not to fear because He’s in charge.

Spoiler alert: God saved Daniel that day. Daniel went to the lion’s den that night but ended up hanging out as the lions stayed hungry. Daniel didn’t even get hurt from when he was thrown into this pit. We know the lions were ravenous because the Bible tells us how the lions destroyed the bodies of Daniel’s accusers and their families before they even touched the floor of this pit.

God has ways of caring for us, especially when we choose to serve Him. We have to be willing to trust Him, one moment at a time. God is faithful!

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