Impact Winnipeg.

Imagine if this phrase became as trendy as ‘selfie’ or ‘bff’? That’s why the build up has already begun.

Under the direction of Pastor Elmer Manzanares, Impact Winnipeg’s inaugural event was in February 2017. Events and training will be ongoing, leading up to the main event in November 2018. But Impact Winnipeg doesn’t end after this; we cannot stop sharing the gospel message to the city of Winnipeg and its surrounding communities.

Training was held recently at the Silver Heights Church, from April 28 to May 1. Pastor Chris Holland, It Is Written Canada speaker and upcoming Impact Winnipeg speaker, conducted this training in person. Over eight sessions, he focused primarily on how to give Bible studies. The information and vivid testimonies he shared helped to emphasize the importance of studying the Bible with someone. Before we can lead a study, we ourselves must be in a relationship with God. We need His Holy Spirit to guide and direct us while studying with others. We must be familiar with the Bible for ourselves so that we’re equipped to lead a study.

Overall, the goal of Bible studies and of Impact Winnipeg is to introduce people to Jesus Christ, encouraging them to live life with Him.

The next event is planned for October 18-23, 2017, with an emphasis on Health Ministry. Please keep Pastor Manzanares and his team–the Winnipeg pastors– in your prayers. Spend time asking the Lord what role He has for you as we work together to Impact Winnipeg.

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