Watch on Facebook

If you have a facebook account, that's great! We stream our services live through our facebook page. Once on our page, subscribe and you will get notification of when we are live. Don't forget to share the stream with your friends.

Watch live on YouTube

We stream live to YouTube. You can watch on any device that has a YouTube Player. This includes, Blu-ray disc player, Apple TV, Roku boxes, Android boxes and more. Of course you can watch on your computer and other mobile devices as well.


You can listen to our services live via telephone by dialing toll free 1-833-973-7422. If you miss us live, you will hear the latest recorded version of our live stream.

Come and Worship With Us

Of course we would like you to come worship with us. Join us in person at 1314 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Sabbath worship service starts at 11:00am. Sabbath School begins at 9:45am. A friendly welcome awaits you.