In June, we hosted a Guest Care workshop with Pastor Lynn Ripley. This session provided us with techniques to make our church more welcoming, especially for our guests. In addition to our own greeters and church family, some members from Transcona SDA Church joined us as well. Pastor Lynn kept the session fun and interactive. There was an opportunity for brainstorming and group discussion. It was evident as various people shared their perspectives, that this one church can present in a number of ways, depending on the personality of the guest. Pastor Lynn educated us on why guests are important and reminded us that guests are just like us. Jesus loves them too—they might not know this yet. In making their church experience warm and friendly, they will be more to return, giving them another interaction with Jesus.

The information presented was thorough. Our work, as a church, begins even before the event starts. Our facilities should be tidy and be inviting. Our parking lot, our signage inside and outside the building and more, all contribute to the guest experience. All of us can keep our eyes peeled for unfamiliar faces and help to guide them to the right place. At the end of the service, we should say farewell and invite them back to worship with us again. But we cannot stop there. There is necessity for a consistent follow-up process to thank our guests for worshiping with us. It shows them that we noticed them, that they were not overlooked.

Caring for our guests goes beyond the greeting station. We all have a role to play. Contact your department leader today to find out how your team can best care for guests. In the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring ideas on how to practice hospitality. The principles shared here, while designed for the church setting, can also be applied to our personal lives.

How can we give our guests the best of care?

Listed below are some ways that we can be intentional in practicing hospitality.

  1. Own the Building
  2. Smile Like You Mean It
  3. Everyone’s Favourite Word
  4. Move to the Middle
  5. Look for the ‘Lost Look’
  6. Make the First Move
  7. Circle of Ten
  8. Rule of Three
  9. Invite Them Back
  10. Be Willing to Walk

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