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Dear father. Thank you so much for the promises in your word. Please Lord, open up our own minds now as we, as we open the Bible, your word may speak to us, may give us strength and confidence and trust in you, Lord, to know that you are always there with us even through the darkest moments in life. Thank you. In Jesus name, amen.
There is a tax [inaudible] that we all know and we repeat it so many times and it’s always something that that helps us to understand when we do not understand things. It’s a verse that people will repeat when things happen in life that just don’t make sense. Yeah, but I’ve been through situations that you don’t understand why, what’s happening? Why is this happening to me? Like I’ve done this, right. I’ve done this right, I’ve done that right, and look at where I am. Well, I want to, I want to answer that question to the hopefully nice to try to answer it by reading a text in the Bible. It gives us an understanding when we do not understand. If I would ask you to give me a verse, what verse would you tell me today to help us answer this question? Why he said Fay? Yes, of course.
Romans eight 28 and I want us to go into that because this morning I got up right, and God just get given this to me like they just pounded in my head. We know and we know Romans eight 28 this is how it starts, right? This is how the apostle Paul, it starts this verse. It says verse eight Romans eight 28 and we know no, wait a minute. He’s saying, we know. He’s not saying we believe, we think or maybe he says we what? It’s a certainty. In other words, it is a fact. It is true. We proven it over and over again. We know and we know what, what is it that we know according to the stacks? What is it we know? Huh? That what all things, how many things are in now does all include good only does it include bad also?
My wife and I were listening to a message yesterday and the preacher was saying, we have to learn to celebrate or storms. Now, this is easy to see after you’ve gone through the storm. If anyone here have ever been in a boat in a storm, I’m telling you it’s not a nice, okay, he’s not nice you, you, you think all kinds of things. You even wonder if God is really listening to you when you pray. God, can you please get us through the storm? I know, and the feeling of uncomfort, the feeling of even wanting to throw up seasick and all of the things that happen in the storm beside the storm itself, the darkness, the winds, the seas seemed to break the, the boat into pieces or are seeing the boat is rocking side to side or, or the bow is just going in under the waves and you wonder, God wa are we even going to get out of this? But when you reach the shore, when you get to the dock and the end accrue, tie out the boat, what an amazing feeling to know that God brought you through.
So Paul is saying here, we know that all things work together for what?
Very good
For good to them that fear him through them that love him. Now I want to take you through something here because this, check this out in the Bible and my T, my message for today was God is in the process, but that’s not what I’m preaching today. But I’ll give you a little piece of it. It is interesting how God works through process.
Hmm. Yeah.
Everything we see in the Bible is process and God does use us. Process, process, process, process. For example, how many days that it took God to create a Hammons under earth? Six days. And then on the seventh day he, he made time, he made an extra day, but six days. And when did he do on the first day God spoke and he said, let there be light. And there was like, and then he packed up his stuff and went back to heaven.
That’s it.
No. If, if, if, if you were there and you were God and you’re gonna, you’re gonna make light and then vegetation and entries and everything. And you could make that all in one. Would you just make lane go back home?
I don’t think so. We want to get to the end. We want to get to know [inaudible] over. Let’s get over it. Let’s get it done. But God is in the process.
He is in the, in the day to day thing and we want things done. We want to get to the end. We were going through the storm. You want to get to the dock, but God is not in that. God is in the, in the, in the, in the keeping you through the storm. He is in a teaching you through the storm is in a showing you through the storm so that when you leave that when you get all of that storm, you have something to learn to say, to teach a preach, to cheer about what you’ve been through.
So all things work together for good. You remember the story of Joseph Jacobson? Anybody? Yeah. Joseph knew that God had given him a vision of who he would become. Are you with me? So in his mind, God had already told him that Joseph was going to be the leader of his people. He didn’t know how that was going to play out. He had no idea how he was going to get there, but he knew that God was going to take him there because God said so. Are you with me? No. A few months or weeks or years after he had a vision from God, guess what happens? Huh? Anybody? His brothers attempt to kill him. His brothers put him in a pit and a dark, cold, smelly place and there he is until they decided what they were going to do with him. Sold him as a prisoner. No. Here is Joseph with all those dreams and promises from God headed as a slave to Egypt.
Where is God now? Where are the promises that God gave to him? Why am I being taken prison when I should be a leader instead of going East, I’m going West instead of going toward my dream, I’m going farther from my dream. Are you with me? How can you say God, all things work together for good. Look at me. Hands tied. I’m hungry, I’m thirsty and tired and who knows what’s awaiting me or they’re in Egypt. Who knows the beatings they’re going to give to me? Who knows there the time that I’m going to be in prison or whatever. I don’t know, but God gave me a dream. Then he gets there and God blesses him and everything is going well. Perfectly well. He’s growing. He’s, he’s being an important guy in the surroundings where he’s at and then again, now he finds himself in prison, in prison, but I thought I was going to be, you know, growing. I thought I was going to beat somebody important. By now it’s been 10 years and I’m in prison.
Instead of going closer to the promises of God, he’s going farther away. You know when we look back on D Joseph’s history, it, it, it looks beautiful. It’s nice. He became the prime minister, right? He became the second in command of Egypt. But if you have Simon prison, if you had went to visit him in prison, you’d never said you didn’t never thought this guy is going to be second to the King. Never, never, never. Because we have the tendency of only judging by what we can see, but we only judge by what we can see to date. But God is beyond that. God is greater than that. And the things that you’re going through in life right now are for your good.
That’s right.
Therefore, you’re good. Whether it’s good or as bad, whether you’re in a palace or you’re in a prison or you are a slave and whatever it is, it is for your good. I think about Sarah, Sarah Abraham’s wife, 25 years after receiving a promise that God would give her, make her the mother of nation 25 years, and she’s still Byron. She is still not having a baby that God himself told her she, she would have. And in a process of time, she even made mistakes and in trying to help God because it appears that really not all things are working for good.
So maybe that promise is not applicable to my situation now. So I need to help God out. I need to do something because that verse, Romans 28 is not for me and not for now. That was good for Robert because look at where he is, but it’s not for me. Look at where I am, my dear friend. No matter where you’re at right now, right, right, right now, at this moment, God’s promise is still working in your life. That situation is for your good. I think about Hannah, some Will’s mother for so many years, we don’t even know how many years she was Byron and and her, her, her rivaled the other wife of Elkanah. She’s making fun of her. She is accusing her of, of being cursed by God and all of these things. And you know, you can’t have a child. Look at how many sons I have.
I have all these sons and you can have one and there she is crying her heart out, bawling her heart out to God. God, what’s, where are you when all of a sudden God breaks through for her as she comes and she has a son and you don’t even probably remember, remember the names of El [inaudible], the other wives, children. But you know the name Samuell, the name Samuel came out of pain, came out of, out of all of auto loneliness, came out of desperation. Anxiety. A mother that felt like she had been forgotten by God. Her son had been remembered for thousands of years. Don’t tell me that all things don’t work together for good.
All things work together for good while the other mother is rejoicing. Look at my sons, look at how handsome they are. She’s crying. God, where is my son? But somebody said he that laugh last laugh Bess. It’s not where you are today. It’s where God is taking you. It’s not what’s happening today is the plans that God has for your life. You know, I’ve shared this before but I’m going to share just a little bit of it. I don’t remember. I think I was seven or eight years old and, and our house got to, got burnt down and and other houses got burnt down. It started in a house and then it spread out to I think like 69 homes or something and that got burned. And here we are with no house, no clothes to wear. I remember that very evening. The F someone, someone give us for supper, I think it was like some sort of biscuits or something like that.
It was, you know, it was, it was a dark, dark, dark day in our lives. I remember walking over the, the Ash, the ashes and finding a Bible there that was just kind of burned. It really wasn’t burned. You could still read it and stuff, but just going over, smelling the smoke and, and, and, and I, I was, I was basically traumatized for many years. I, I remember looking in the, in the horizon and seeing clouds and thinking that those clouds were like, like fire some, some places burning. It was rough. It was hard. We went through the hardest time of our lives. Not having anything to eat and then everything else. I could never, if you, if you, if you ask me then right that moment going back 40 years ago, you, you say to me, you know what? This is gonna be good for you. I would tell you you’re crazy.
I don’t see how this is going to ever be good for me. How is this going to help a seven, eight year old person and tell you that telling me that this is good for you. I cannot, I could never understand that there, one evening we’re sitting there and playing with cards and my, one of my cousins and I hear my mother there crying with her other sisters saying, God is great. God is great and she’s saying this, she’s repeating this. God is great. I’m there asking myself, how can she say God is great when God has taken everything away from us? What kind of God takes that root thing away from you? From a child, from an eight year old? What kind of God burns the house down and have nothing left? These are thoughts going through my mind, but if I could only travel back in time and talk to that little guy, they’re asking, how can that be? I can tell him, Hey, just hold on. God is working something out here.
When I fast back to today and I thought them on wipe this, and I say this with joy in my heart, my memory starts from that day that our house got burned down and the best days of my life are the three hardest days that we spent, that we had nothing to eat. My my my best days ever because that’s where God was. That’s where I experienced God. God knows what he’s doing. My friend, you don’t understand it now, but God says in his word, everything is working for your good. When Fiona couldn’t find someone in church, God’s was working things out for your good.
You heard the testimony here today when you were sick, God was working things up for your good. You don’t understand. No, but he is working things out for your good and that’s just the God that we serve. But then somebody says, what about when I make my own mistakes and I’m suffering because of my mistakes? What a boat I’m going through this trial because of what AB done my own decisions brought me here. Does God still care for me? Like is that still going to work out in my good, I’m here because of what I did.
I’m here because of the decision I took. Will God still use that for good? Well I go back to the verse, all things, even your very mistake, somebody is like, wait a minute there now I don’t think so. Let me take you to the Bible. Anybody remember big mouth, Peter, anybody. So Peter had a personality that he was ready to say stuff at, don’t even thinking bam. And he would always, he would always date and make these terrible decisions without even counting the costs. And he would always put himself out like he was number one. Okay. And that’s who Peter was. He, I, I somehow believed that he had some kind of arrogance to him. Some kind of self pride, you know, like, like I’m, I’m, when he was walking on water, the reason he looked back to he lost sight of the Jesus was because he looked back to see if there’s somebody else doing what he was doing. That’s Peter, are you with me?
Peter needed to learn a lesson so Jesus was going to allow him to learn that lesson. And on the night before the crucifixion, Jesus is sitting with his disciples there and Jesus says, Hey, I want you guys to know that somebody is going to betray me tonight. What did Peter say? Not me. He picks up sore that he says, if I, if I have to go to death with you, I’m going to do that, but I’ll never forsake you because Jesus had said, someone’s going to forsake me. You’re going to forsake me. And that very night, the same Peter that took up a sword, as a matter of fact, the st Peter that chopped an ear off who intended to chop the head off
That very night someone said, aren’t you one of them? No, I don’t even know the guy. And it got so bad that apparently Peter started cursing and saying stuff that any other ordinary person would see that Nuno Jesus. Yep. And then he, he went when the rooster crowed and cried bitterly. But guess what happens now? After Jesus was resurrected, Jesus wanted to meet Peter again. So he says to the disciples, go to Galilee and tell Peter, I’m going to meet you there.
I’m there. Jesus gives him the opportunity to do til confess before everybody else and confess. Jesus says, do you love me? Here’s what, here’s what Peter learned from this. Peter learned to think before acting. Peter learned that he was just as vulnerable as everybody else. This mistake, my dear friend taught Peter a lesson that would carry out for the rest of his life. Are you with me? All things work together for good. Moses. Moses said, Hey, I God chose me to deliver the Israelites out of the Egyptian, out to Egypt. So I’m gonna do it my way. He went out, killed a guy, and what happened? The King wanted to kill him. Then he had to run away from Egypt, leave his home, leave his family, leave his friends, leave his his future, leave everything and end up in the desert for 40 years. Was that God’s plan?
Maybe not. Was that the way God was going to do it? Maybe not. It was Moses mistake. Did it work together for his good? Yes. So my dear friend, if you’re going through something because of your mistakes, let me tell you that God can also use that and make it into good thing for your life. Somebody say, man, why am I saying this? I’m saying that because sometimes we make mistakes and we and we and we stay there with our head down and I’m here because of I messed up. I’m here because I’m, and you know what’s, that’s what the devil wants from you. He wants you to stay with your head hanging low because of your own mistake. You did that. You deserve that. You’re there because you deserve it. No, God is going to use that for your good if you just allow him to.
That’s who God is. You see Hebrews 11 and verse one Hebrews 11 and verse one if you have a Bible there, I’m going to read this with you. Hebrews 11 and verse one in, you probably know this because this is a, this is the concept. This is the theory. This is the the foundation of faith and it says no faith. Faith is what, okay, you got another version there. Let me read from the new King James. It says faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things. What not seeing. Give me your, give me your translation there. Yes. Is being sure of what we go.
Read that again just for the online. Yup. Alright. Say now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. So really and truly when we, when we believe that God has, God is working things out in spite of what we see and what we’ve experienced here. Now that’s, that’s called faith. When you’re in a boat and you’re going through a storm but you know you’re going to make it out there, that’s called faith. When you are planning or are thinking about getting married and you know that God has someone out there for you that loves him, but right now you don’t see anybody. That’s what, that’s faith when you don’t have a job, but you know that God has a job for you, but you don’t have one right now. That’s called faith because faith believes in what you cannot see.
Faith holds onto the invisible. I’m going, I’m going to share this with you because this, this blessed me so great that I got to shit. I didn’t, I don’t have it planned for today, but I’m going to put it in. Is it okay? You remember the story when Elijah was praying for rain and he set his servant to go to the sea to see if he saw any rain, Ramon, that story. So here’s the thing, right? Elijah killed 850 profits and then he, he, he fire came down from heaven and then he said to the King, a Havi says, go home because I hear thunder and rain. Okay, are you with me? So the King goes home and Elijah goes, the Bible says he puts his hand, his head between his knees and he prays. The God he prays. He says to his Starbucks, go and see if you see anything. Are you with me? So the pro, the servant goes and runs to the, to the sea side and he comes back to Elijah with a message. And the message is what? There is nothing there. No. Check this out. Don’t miss this. There’s nothing there. Let me ask you that report. Was it true or false? Huh?
Did he see anything? Yes or no? Was there anything there? Yes or no? Huh? Okay. Was there, okay. What is it he couldn’t see?
Here’s the thing. You remember that the rain operates in cycles. Remember that? Saw that before you see the rain. There’s something that has happening before the rain. What is it before the clouds? What’s, what is this rain cycle? Anybody out there? Maybe one of those. The ones that are still in elementary might be able to help us there cause we, we kind of forgotten those little basic things. What is it? Chiara. Huh? Yes. Evaporation. It’s a clouds that are, that are loading up with the water coming from the sea of the ocean. Here’s the thing, you cannot see evaporation are we together? You, you’re, your human eyes cannot see when the clouds are actually pulling up the evaporation or when, when the atmosphere is pulling it up, you don’t see that. That’s invisible to your eyes. So when the listen window, when the messenger runs out there, he doesn’t see a cloud. That doesn’t mean something wasn’t happening. So he comes back, he says, I don’t see anything, but just because he didn’t see anything didn’t mean something wasn’t happening.
That cute.
So in your life, what you’re going through, when you do go through stuff and you don’t see God working, just because you don’t see him working doesn’t mean that he’s not working. And that’s why he says all things are working for your good. Even when you don’t see them, even when they look impossible, even when they look against you, even when you look against you. I gotta, I gotta share this with you. I’m trying to sound my car. I’m not, I’m not promoting or anything by the way, don’t, don’t, don’t buy my car, but check this out. So I had a buyer, right? Good buyer. And we set a time and you had my check ready and everything else like that.
And I go and two days before a signal light comes on, the dashboard was the line of airbag lights. I said, God, this is not good. God. What is happening here? And Lord, what are you doing? How is this like going to come on here and now? And you know, I had to text the guys say, Hey, I’m sorry man, but the light came on. You know it, it’s up to you if you still want to go through with it or not. And obviously he said no. So I didn’t get my car sold a couple of days after the lady’s gone and hadn’t come back yet.
So what keeps me happy and thankful is that I know God is doing something. I mean, I don’t want to stand this. Why would, why would a light come on out of nowhere when the buyers there, why? And then it’s gone. I don’t know. I can’t understand. I can’t explain. I’m, I’m, I’m going through this moment where I don’t know, but I believe that all things work together for good. So even in the, in the time when you do not know, you do not see what he is doing, he is doing something. Even if you don’t see the cloud. I want to close with this amazing verse in second Corinthians four. I can’t talk about this without using this text from second Corinthians chapter four and I’ll start reading from verses 16 to 18 thanks Lori. Thanks for the water. I feel like I don’t have time to drink it though. It always happens, but I’ll drink it after. Check it out.
Second Corinthians chapter four and verse verse, we’re 16 to 18 look at what it says. Therefore, we do not lose heart even though our outward mine is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. I’m using the new King James. If you have another translation of maybe a bit different in your, in your Bible, okay. Even though the outward man is perishing. Yeah. The inward man is being renewed day by day for our light affliction. In other words, the situation you’re going through, whatever that may be for your light affliction, which is but for a what? For a moment,
For our light affliction, which is, but for a moment is working for us. A what? Hallelujah. A what? A far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. So, so God is saying to you what that that situation you’re going through right now, which is only for a moment, is going to pass. It’s not forever, but it’s building you up for any eternity. It’s making you stronger. It’s making you better. It’s making you a better person is working for us far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory and brisk. 18 check it out. Verse 18 while we do not look at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal. So while we’re not looking at the cloud, we’re looking at the evaporation happening.
Amen. Somebody there because your eyes can’t see that because you’re human eyes are not seeing the things that God is doing in the background. God is so good. And then I’ll close it. Second Corinthians five 17 just a, just a little below there because this is all it’s related. It says second Corinthians five, seven for we walk by faith and not by sight. My dear friend. I want you to be blessed today to remember that all things work together for good.
Why God give this verse to me today. You know, the, the, the weather should be closed. The churches, the open confusion everywhere. Like I said again, Robert, I really thank you for it, for, for, for, for the call there last night it really brought peace and, and [inaudible] blessing to my, but as I’m getting up this morning, God has given this to me. He says, you know what? It’s all gonna work out.
You don’t understand why you don’t know. But this is going to work out for the good, for your life, for the church, life, for somebody’s life. Somebody, God is working things out for your good. So I want to thank God when he works in ways that we do not understand. Trust him, my friend. Trust him. Whatever it is, is gonna be good for you. Whatever it is, it’s going to be good for you. You believe that? Believe it. It’s your word. It’s for you today. This is not for somebody out there. This is for you, for you, for Alex, for you, Alex, for you.
I’m trying to remember. Red rev. This is for you. Rev. This is for you. This is for you. This is for you. Receive it. God is working things out for your good. I want to pray with you. Is there somebody here today that may be going through a situation that you do not understand? Why, what and and you want God to just help you to hold onto this promise today. Now don’t just stand just to stand. It’s okay. You don’t have to stand. But I want to really pray for somebody that, that, that, that this word was for you today. And if there’s nobody, that’s okay. I’ll pray for myself because it definitely was for me. Is there somebody here today that may be going through something that you do not understand but you know that God is working things up for you? Is there somebody here I want to pray for you.
Amen. Is there somebody else you want to stand where you are? You want to stand where you are? If, if, if, if, if you are in the, in something like this, I want to pray for you. What I’m going to pray for. I’m going to pray for you to hold onto the promise that it’s, it’s all working for good. You don’t know. I’m not going to pray that God delivers you. I’m not going to pray for God to, to help. I’m praying for God to help you to understand that it is working for your good. That’s it. That’s it. We’re asking God, Lord, help me to hold onto this word today that it is all going to work out for my good. Let us pray. Father, thank you so much dear God. Thank you Lord. Thank you for your goodness, your love and mercies. Lord, we thank you for the times where we do not understand why or what is happening or why it’s happening. But Lord, one thing we know is that God cares that God knows what he’s doing. So bless us and all our, I pray for those who are standing here to their father, whatever, whatever it is that only you and they know. I pray in the name of Jesus that you may help them, their God to hold onto the promise of God that this is for their good and Jesus name. Amen.


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