By Ps. Ashia Lennon

Adultier: an expert at adulating; somebody who’s an expert at mistake making.

Joshua is not Moses. Nor was he supposed to be Moses. Joshua had to be himself. God called him to be the encore.

Comparison is the thief of joy. When we embitter ourselves in comparison, we miss the joy that God has called us.

We minister out of who we are and Whose we are.

Any enemy, any problem, any issues, anything that is keeping you up at night, anything that you worry about day after day — we already have the victory.

How would you change how you live day by day, knowing that God has promised to walk with you through the scary, ‘shadow of death’ moments, and He promises you victory?

We are soldiers in God’s army. We are the front line to see the wounded, the heartbreak, the people on the fringes of despair and death. We have been tasked with bringing them the number one weapon: hope. Hope is the secret arsenal, our weapon.

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