Pastor Seth

Here are questions to help you as you study. The scripture references link to the New King James Version of the Bible (via BibleGateway). A printable version of this study guide is included below.

1. What did the Apostle Paul say would happen in the Church after his departure?
Acts 20:29

2. What did John see in the fifth seal and what’s the meaning?
Revelation 6:12

3. What happened to the earth in the sixth seal?
Revelation 6:12

4. What happened to the moon?
Revelation 6:12

5. What happened to the stars?
Revelation 6:13

6. What happened to the sky during the sixth seal?
Revelation 6:14

7. What is the meaning of the half hour of silence in heaven?
Matthew 25:31

8. What warning is given to those who do not decide to give their lives to God?
Matthew 25:31

Printable study guide

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