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Here are questions to help you as you study. The scripture references link to the New King James Version of the Bible (via BibleGateway). A printable version of this study guide is included below.

1. What did David set the Ark of God on?
2 Samuel 6:3

2. What was Uzzah’s mistake?
2 Samuel 6:6

3. What does the Bible say about God’s presence in His Temple?
Habakkuk 2:20

4. What is God’s command about His Sanctuary?
Leviticus 19:30

5. What was the mistake of Aaron’s two sons?
Leviticus 10:1

6. What happened to them after their mistake?
Leviticus 10:2

7. What was the attitude of the disciples when they saw Jesus resurrected?
Matthew 28:9

Printable Study Guide

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