Pastor Seth Dixon talks about vision and the people who may try to distract us and derail us from following God’s plan. Here are some quotes from the message:

“Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they can be. Godly vision is not seeing things as they are but as God wants them to be.”

“If we do what God has asked us to do, then we will reach the vision that God wants us to have.”

“When you have a vision, a dream, you will always run into ‘Eliabs’ first.”

“Great vision killers: Tradition. Fear. Thwarted memories.”

“People will not understand your purpose because they don’t have your purpose. People will not understand your vision because it was not given to them. It is yours.”

“Jealousy creates tension. Hurt people, hurt people. People who walk around with hurt all the time find it simple and easy to hurt people.”

“If somebody is tearing down your vision, just keep going. Belittling is the work of the enemy.”

“Pride can keep us away from our vision, from doing what God called you to do. Pride can destroy vision, people’s dreams because it makes you start acting in a certain kind of way.”

“Whatever your vision is, you have to fight in your own armor. Do things with the talents God has given to you.”

“When God opens our eyes, we can see beyond what others see.”

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