Pastor Seth

4 ways God reveals Himself to us:
General revelation—God reveals Himself to humanity by the awesomeness of creation.
Special revelation—Where God speaks to us through written word.
Jesus—He came to the earth to reveal who God really is.

If you ever have a misconception of who God is, I would recommend to you to go to the gospels and look at Jesus.

What’s happening today is that Christians—people who follow God–are turning away from the written word.

Even though you could have an app with the Bible, there’s nothing like touching this book.

It is God’s Word that will bring dry bones back to life.

If the Word of God says it, we’ve got to believe it.

There is something about the Bible that still has the power that it had 2000 years ago.

We cannot put our thoughts and our feelings above God’s Word.

If we would only follow the instructions written here. We would keep ourselves from so many heartaches, pains, sufferings, because it was written for our learning.

The Bible is given to the people of God so that we can walk in the right way that God wants us to walk.

God’s Word has been given to us as a blessing, as an encouragement.

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