Pastor Seth

Rules are not there to hurt people, they are there to protect.

The greatest commandment is love.

The 10 commandments is really wrapped up in the word “love”.

There is no problem with God’s law. It’s there to keep us healthy, strong, faithful and happy.

The problem is not God’s law. The problem is those who are breaking His law.

The people that have been obedient to God’s law have been obedient by faith alone.

It is faith that keeps people loyal and obedient to the law of God.

Works are a result of God’s love in our hearts.

God has promised us blessings in being obedient to His Word.

The law is perfect, you can’t fix it. If you move anything, you make it imperfect.

People that keep the commandments of God are wise people. They have a greater understanding of the Word of God.

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