Pastor Seth

Here are questions to help you as you study. The scripture references link to the New King James Version of the Bible (via BibleGateway). A printable version of this study guide is included below.

  1. To what did Jesus compare the end of time?
    Matthew 24:37
  1. What decision did God make in regards to sinners?
    Genesis 6:7
  1. What was Noah’s reaction to God’s instructions?
    Genesis 6:22
  1. What happened to the door when the five foolish virgins went for oil?
    Matthew 25:10
  1. Does the Bible speak about God closing the doors of salvation? Luke 13:25
  1. Who is the door?
    John 10:9
  1. Who is the way to this door?
    John 14:6

Printable Study Guide

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