Pastor Seth

Wherever Jesus is, the power of the Lord is there to heal.

How many people have come to your church trying to find hope, and all they found was curses?

This church should be a source of hope.

The way that we present Jesus to other people will bring hope to people.

If we present Jesus that is a dead Jesus, what kind of hope will that bring? If we present a Jesus that is a condemning Jesus, what kind of hope will that bring?

Jesus is a Jesus of love, forgiveness, second chance, opportunities; a Jesus that loves, no matter who you are or where you are.

There are many people that need you and I to take them to Jesus, but it’s not a soft road.

There are always ways and methods to bring someone to Jesus.

If you really, really want to see your friend, your family give their life to Jesus, there’s always another way out. If this didn’t work and that didn’t work, there is something that will work because the Holy Spirit is guiding you.

Sometimes when the church is doing stuff that is really going to work, it produces some interruptions.

In these last days, we need some unconventional methods. We need to use stuff that has never been used before in order to reach the world.

One of our biggest problems is that we like to reason too much. We waste too much time talking stuff out, while there is no power in our church.

The power of the Lord was there that day to heal them, but they did not feel the need to be healed.

For us to receive power, healing, miracles, we need to recognize that we need Jesus. Through our faith, we would receive healing.

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