Pastor Seth

Be careful when you curse God’s people.

You want to open up a window for blessings? Bless people.

If you want more blessings, bless people.

God calls you sometimes to do things. You don’t know what you’re doing but you’re doing what God wants you to do.

If Jesus is giving you an opportunity to work for Him, all you have to do is say Yes, I’ll do it.

If Jesus could use fishermen, tax collectors to carry the Good News to the world, what is it He cannot do today?

There is absolutely nothing you can do to destroy the church of Jesus!

You can’t change anybody. You can only pray and ask God’s Holy Spirit to remove the chains to transform, to convert.

Are we making disciples?

You want to see a sick church? It’s a church that doesn’t preach the gospel.

God called us for a mission: to preach the message of salvation.

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