bronze bell mounted on wall

Olive, a determined young granddaughter, was trying to deliver a gift to her beloved grandpa. Faced with a series of obstacles, she managed to overcome each challenge. Finally arriving on grandpa’s doorstep, she hands him the special gift.

Racing to unwrap his gift, grandpa is elated to find a bell. At the same time, Olive noticed a number of larger bells already hanging from grandpa’s porch. In sadness, Olive hung her head. With so many bells already hanging there, she assumed that grandpa didn’t need hers.

Grandpa quickly reassured Olive that he not only loves bells but also collects them. He deemed hers the best of all because it came from her. He then proceeded to ring the other seven bells, then played Olive’s last. They sounded like the ascending notes of a musical scale. Olive’s bell was the perfect tone needed to complete the set and complete the scale.

Though this scene occurred on a simple children’s program, the lessons were profound. In this simple scene, we learn:

-Assumptions are powerfully dangerous. There was potential for great harm, had Olive allowed her wrong assumptions to take root when she saw her grandpa’s bell collection.

-There is always room for us. We are part of a collection, but what we bring, what we add to the world helps to complete a bigger picture.

-No gift is too small. Olive thought her bell was small and insignificant, compared to what grandpa already had. Yet, her gift made the biggest, most positive difference.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be using this illustration to explore these life lessons a bit further. 

Part 2 — Assume Nothing
Part 3 — Space For You
Part 4 — A Complement to His Plan

  1. January 10, 2020

    Excellent story, with a lovely musical motif

    Cheers! Bret Dobbin

  2. January 16, 2020

    Thank you for reading, Bret, and for your encouraging words.

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