Change my heart, O God! Make it ever true.
Change my heart, O God! May I be like You.

These song lyrics speak of a desire for change. More than a change of pace or a change of clothes, the words describe a heart transformation. When we sing this song, our desire is to change from our current state to the people God calls us to be.

When we’re asking God to transform our hearts, it means we’re consenting to the necessary work involved. The challenges we face during change are what make it difficult.

In this song, we’re asking God to give us a heart that loves people. This means letting go of unbiblical biases and un-Christlike conditions that we attach to how we currently love people.

We’re asking God to give us a heart that serves people. We’re asking for our eyes to be opened to the needs around us that we can meet through our service. God has gifted each of us with skills and talents that can be used to lead people to Him. We may need to eliminate or reprioritize certain activities so that we’re available to serve as God has called us.

We’re asking God to give us a heart that desires closeness with Him. This may mean altering our mindset to think more positively about people, places, and things. Quit seeing the impossible and weighing all the cons to a situation while ignoring the potential pros. We need to ask God to show us how. We should move forward knowing that God makes all things possible through Him.

It’s unfair to ask God to change us to be more like Him and then attempt to deflect the changes He suggests. When we trust God with our lives, He walks us through every minute detail of our heart transformation. God operates in a way that always yields the best results.

Let’s live out the desire expressed in the song. As we ask God to change our hearts, let’s embrace the changes and trust what God has planned for us.

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