Did you know that all snowflakes have a dirty little secret? Each one is formed as ice crystals build on a particle of dust. This was the first point we learned as explored the theme ‘Whiter Than Snow’ at the Women’s prayer breakfast in January. In a tastefully decorated hall, we filled each place setting as we gathered together to partake, praise and pray.

The invitation contained a cryptic request to bring scissors. In addition to learning about snowflakes, we had a chance to create our own from square paper. With a series of folds and creative cuts–with our scissors–, each woman designed a unique flake. We feasted on a warm, delicious breakfast meal and then had a time of praise singing. Through poetry, words of encouragement and a devotional on Psalm 51, we learned more about God and the depth of His love for us, particularly as women. We ended our morning by praying in small groups and then as a whole. The attendees were each gifted with a mug, hand-painted and customized to the theme for the morning.

Thank you to the Women’s Ministry team for your hard work. The event was a success and many of the attendees are anticipating the next prayer breakfast.

The Women’s Ministry team welcomes your support, suggestions and ministry ideas that would meet the needs of the women in our church & in our community. The team can be contacted at womensm@hendersonhwysda.ca.

Hall decorated with set tables and snowflakes & lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Each mug was hand-painted with a snowflake and the verse, Isa 1:18.

One of the many unique snowflakes created at the breakfast.

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