­­Everyone has a story that can change someone else’s life. Our life experiences is what we have to use, to reach people. Give hope to someone today who needs to know how God has worked in your life. You Can Do It!

­­ The purpose of our life is to prepare for eternal life and to help those around us, to prepare for eternal life. Pastor Petar in this sermon encourages us to “Share His Love with Everyone”

It is because of what Jesus has done in your life, because of your love for Him and the influence He has on you. Why you can’t help sharing Him with other people. Listen as Pastor Josue shares, through personal experience Jesus’ love for His children. Why not share your experience today?

­­The greatest struggle a Christians goes through is being a Christian. There are times in our Christian walk when we falter. Decisions that we make affects others and at times instead of being a witness for Christ we are false witnesses. We should endeavor to have Christ live out His life within us. Listen as…

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