Pastor Mark speaks about Israel’s apostasy and how God provided for the prophet Elijah, with a lesson of how faithfulness to God will bring us blessings.

IMPACT Winnipeg training weekend.

God in his affection for our World send His only Son to save us from our sins. After Jesus left he sent us the Holy Spirit to teach and to guide us.God is closer than we may think and may He give us the empowerment to be effective witnesses for Him.

We are all boats. Jesus wants to use us to deliver His message to a dying world. We are living in the last days. God wants His word to go out, so He is searching for ‘boats’ to carry this message.

Simplicity is a potential theme idea for the first thirteen verses of Matthew 6. God wants us to serve people wholeheartedly and without fanfare. Calling attention to our good deeds is not a requirement of God. We do not earn extra favour with God because of how many good deeds we attempt to cram into our day. We should…

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