­­ The first in a series of sermons about the Armour of God. Join us as Pastor Petar takes us through this series. The focus in this sermon is “The Belt of Truth”

­­ God loves us no matter what. He loves us because we are His. Listen to this sermon as Dr. Tim uses real life experiences to illustrate a tiny fraction of the love that God has for us.

­­ Simple the importance of Prayer. Dacia reminds us that God’s plan for us is to build a praying relationship with Him. One where we will be able to see Him working daily in our lives.

­­ Jesus’ empathy is what helps us grow better, not bitter. It transforms our pain induced numbness into peace. And it is contagious–it brings us closer to Jesus, but also closer to our neighbours.

­­ Jesus came in a manger so that He can identify with us in our lowly state. Him being alienated from society the Saviour and Creator chose the most humble of birth.

­­ God has a plan for your life no matter how discourage or heart broken you feel. A very inspiring sermon on how to live a more healthy life by health expert Phil Brewer.

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