The disciples where able to call upon Jesus because He was with them. Is Christ is your vessel today. Remember that Jesus can calm any storm in your life.

Living the high life as royalty, complete with answered prayers, world-renown fame and riches galore, Solomon drifted from God. When presented with the option to pray for whatever he wanted, Solomon humbled himself. Rather than seeking to satisfy the human desire for material things, he chose to ask for wisdom. As newly established king of…

Through all our pain we can trust God that He is going to come through for each of us.

David. A notable person of prayer? The idea sounds like an oxymoron. Yet, the more we think about it, we can understand how this is possible. What often comes to mind when we hear the name “David” are the more colorful details of his past. A puny boy ignored by his father, yet hand-picked by God….

In the mids of our pain we need to sing. We should not praise God only when things are going well but we need to praise God when things aren’t going well.

Have you ever read 1 Samuel chapters 1 and 2 from Hannah’s perspective? Though she’s mentioned in those chapters, rarely do we hear this story told with Hannah being the main focus. We discussed some of what we’d learned at our November 22 prayer meeting. When it comes to Hannah, the most commonly known detail…

Sometimes we need to go back to the basics of when we first believe. Here Pastor Sanchez leads out in singing old hymns and givings testimonies of God’s goodness.

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