How are you doing?

How much would your quality of life improve if you grasped how to:

>Identify depression, anxiety, and their causes
>Improve your emotional intelligence
>Enhance your energy levels and mood
>Eat for optimal brain function
>Overcome addictions
>Manage stress
>Defeat depression and anxiety
>Achieve peak mental performance

In early 2024, we’re hosting a community-centered Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. First, we’ll begin with free introductory sessions where you’ll learn about this comprehensive program, meet the facilitators and more.

This program is good for anyone interested in improving their mental wellness; for caregivers who support those living with depression and/or anxiety; and for anyone interested to learn more about these topics. The material is suitable for attendees as early as 12 years and older.

To be notified when the introductory sessions are open, please use the form below.

Free Introductory Sessions

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