There’s Always Time for God

Why are you only doing your devotional time now?!”
Making no effort to hide their exasperation, a child voiced their frustrations aloud. Things were moving along with each person progressing at their own pace. Yet, that wasn’t enough, in their opinion.
Unbothered, their peer offered a wise, quiet response.
“No matter how busy you are, there’s always time for God.”
Do we make time for God?
Perhaps observing the Sabbath is ample. From sunset Friday to sunset Saturday as described in scripture, life pauses as we seesaw between distraction and giving God our full attention for an entire day. Once the sun goes down on Saturday, regular activity resumes.
Or maybe this should be included in our daily schedules as a non-negotiable. When we crave time in His presence and are unashamed of our dependence on Him. This time is not an afterthought or reserved for the weekends. Rather, it’s an intentional part of the daily routine. The other aspects of life are adjusted to accommodate our daily practice.
The irony is that God always has time for us. He loves us too much to ask us to line up for His full attention or to pray only during Heavenly office hours.
Somehow those with full schedules, with barely any room to blink, often have a deep-rooted inner peace.
Because they make time for God. All day long.
Here are a few creative ways to do this: 

  • Read or listen to scripture during commutes
  • Read or listen during meal times instead of mindlessly scrolling
  • Seek out silence or use noise-cancelling headphones and listen for God’s voice
  • Take a moment to pray during breaks
  • Set alarms & reminders
  • Use sticky notes or dry-erase markers on windows and mirrors.
  • Whenever you walk past someone in a hallway or store aisle, pray for them
  • Ask God for sharing opportunities to tell someone else about Him, and be ready to follow through

 Let’s ask God to rearrange our schedules. No matter how busy we are, there is always time for Him.

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