Winnipeg is well known for its ethnic diversity and our church reflects that fact. The need for German and Ukrainian language churches decreased as the young people became fluent in English. However, in the 1970’s a number of Korean immigrants began coming to Canada and a vibrant Korean-speaking congregation met in Henderson Highway Church Centennial Hall for a number of Years. This group seldom had the luxury of a pastor who spoke their language and the leadership of Ben and Rose Kwon must be given credit for the organization and growth of this fellowship. Ben usually served as translator as English-speaking pastors preach. For a time Howard Homenchuk served as pastor, along with his duties as chaplain of West Park Manor.
The Spanish and Hungarian groups also held Sabbath School Classes in their own language at the Henderson Highway Church.

The islands of the Caribbean have also enriched the Winnipeg churches with many members. One of the first to arrive was Rudy Jacob in the 1950’s. Henderson Highway Church expresses appreciation to Rudy by making him First Elder, Choir Director, Prison Ministries Director and Sabbath School teacher at the same time! Many others have come from the West Indies and despite the “climate shock” have remained to contribute their talents and resources to our community. Their warmth, friendliness and caring are a great blessing to our Winnipeg churches.

SOURCE: The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Winnipeg – A history of people places and events, compiled in 1995