Defense Tactics

Playground fights are mismatched. Calling upon friends for backup, one party intends to outnumber and overpower their opponent. Though an issue originates with two people at the core, it soon balloons into a whole situation.

Imagine receiving a message that three others had banded together to fight you. Scary, right? Oh, sorry—not just three others, but three other nations. Disaster would be a likely prediction. Any threat of an attack coupled with the high potential to lose is nerve-wracking. These are the moments that the knees of our faith legs start knocking together, loudly. 

Rather than be completely overcome, Jehoshaphat remembered to call for help. Looking to even out his side of the battlefield, Jehoshaphat called in the best defense—God. Gathering all the people of his land, including babies, Jehoshaphat led his nation in fasting and prayer.

How would God respond to his cry for help?

Reminding them not to be afraid or discouraged, God assured them of victory. Without having to engage in the actual fight, God directed them to get in position and let Him lead. At that moment, Jehoshaphat had to make a choice. Should he muster up his own army, calling on other nations for support or could he trust God’s plan?

He opted to let God lead. We don’t know how hard he wrestled with this decision. Yet, as he led his people to battle, Jehoshaphat reminded them to believe in God. He even appointed a choir to lead them in songs of praise as they marched onward.

The Bible tells us that as soon as the praises started, God caused the enemies to fight against themselves, attacking one another. By the time Jehoshaphat and his group arrived, it was all over. The only thing left to do was collect the vast amounts of plunder.

There are times when we’re threatened out of the blue. Minding our own business, as we’re trying to live well, something sneaks up on us, attacking our mind, body, and soul. And ultimately, our faith. When we call on God for help, sometimes His plans are too incredible for words. Still, we get to choose.

Move forward in faith. Try doing things God’s way. Then, add praise. Sing, speak, shout the words that remind us of Who God Is and watch what He is able to do.

by Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Henderson Highway Church Communications Director

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