Nudge, Nudge

In pursuit of things that are dear to our hearts, we’re often willing to do whatever it takes.Those going after dream careers work long hours, halting or completely eliminating certain forms of entertainment and pass times. We’ll even cut out people who do not help us along our journey. To maintain treasured friendships, we make ourselves, our resources and our time available. If our best friend approached us with a need, we’d fill that need without hesitation, even if it required a personal sacrifice on our end.

When we are determined about something or someone, we will intentionally make choices that help us to achieve those goals.

What about our personal relationship with God? Are we determined to do whatever it takes in order to stay close with our Heavenly Father?

Prayer helps us connect with God. Talking to Him does wonders to grow not only our relationship but ourselves. As we talk to God, as we make time for listening to Him, our bond is strengthened because the roots burrow deeper.

While routines are good to help us establish healthy prayer lives, we need to be careful not to settle into a rut. If we are too ingrained in our routine, it may become a subconscious reflex that occurs without heartfelt thought or action.

One way to boost our prayer life is with fasting. By removing certain distractions from our lives for a specified time, we’ll have more space for intentional prayer. While fasting is most commonly done by abstaining from food, there are ways to fast. We may choose to fast from social media, from technology, from our favorite entertainments and pass times. We may choose to fast from discouraging talk and negative mindsets.

How does fasting create more space for prayer?

Fasting allows us to shift the focus from ourselves to God. Rather than doing what we want, replace that habit with prayer. Pray during the times we would usually eat a snack or meal. Each time the urge arises to scroll or check messages, use it as a nudge for prayer. When negativity pops into our minds, whenever we’re tempted by discouraging thoughts or pessimistic comments, pray instead.

The more time we spend in prayer with God, the more His character and His love rubs off on us. As we become more like Him, we’ll have more confidence in His love and in His ability to answer prayer.

When we believe God, we will see miracles happen.

Sabrina Jacques-Rowe
Communication Leader
Henderson Highway Church

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