Set up for Success

The goal was to build a temple. While David’s intentions were good, God turned him down. His history was tainted by so much bloodshed that David was not the appropriate person for the task. However, God promised that his successor, Solomon, would be the one to build the temple.

David quickly opted to do the next best thing. Working tirelessly, David gave full energy into preparing for the temple as though he were the one building it. Gathering materials, land, and blueprints, David enthusiastically shared his ideas for the layout and aesthetics. He knew what size and what amounts of materials were needed for the furnishing. God gave David all the details, which he carefully shared with Solomon for his success.

Publicly, David claimed God’s promise for Solomon. He also made a generous offering from his own private stock of treasure. David gave it all! He then appealed to the other leaders, asking them to give willingly. And they did.

Do we set each other up for success?

Beyond personal legacy, more than having his name etched forever in the foundation of the temple, David understood that this project was not for personal glory. He wanted to honor God. If an earthly ruler could live in an elaborate palace, how much more should the King of the Universe abide in something other than a tent.

With his focus on God, David was able to keep a high level of energy as he encouraged Solomon. He made it clear that the only way for Solomon to succeed was to trust in God and follow His directions.

Sometimes we forgot that our main priority should be on honoring God. Because we’re all working towards the same goal—heaven—we should desire this as the best for each other.

Reality is that it’s easy to get caught up in our feelings. It’s draining to give our full energy to something or someone when they will not reciprocate. If we feel slighted or wronged, then we pull back to protect ourselves and prevent further discontent. It becomes harder to cheer for someone who is succeeding in an area where we have failed.

This is why we need to constantly need to readjust our focus. When we keep heaven at the forefront of our minds, God will give us the energy and the resources we need to keep going. To set each other up for success.

“Do your best. Work from the heart for your real Master, for God, confident that you’ll get paid in full when you come into your inheritance. Keep in mind always that the ultimate Master you’re serving is Christ.” (Colossians 3:23, 24 MSG)

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